6 Steps To Ace Any Online Video Interview

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One-on-one interviews are slowly fading out. The internet has made life easier, negating the need to travel down for physical interviews. Therefore, most companies and recruiters are getting more at ease with online video interviews. As liberal as that sounds, one thing is for sure: you must be able to create a profound impression that will sway your interviewers to your side. Yes, and you must possess the skills to do so even though you’re not in the same room with them!

Quite frankly, it’s not even easy to get the attention of most hiring managers even when you’re right in front of their noses. Landing an interview is a good sign. But it’s a different ball game altogether when that interview is holding online! So, if you want to be hired, then you’ve better be persuasive and confident. And I’m ready to show you how!

If you must ace any online video interview, there are six recommended steps to follow. And yes, these steps to acing any online video interview are reliable and foolproof. Are you excited to know how to ace any online video interviews? Let’s delve right in!

  1. Prepare for the Online Video Interview 

Before an interview ever takes place, the interviewer allows the interviewee to prepare for the interview adequately. Employers understand the intricacies that come with choosing a qualified person for any company role. Therefore, they allow for enough time for potential employees to understand the company’s value.

When preparing for an interview, it’s normal to have some apprehension of sorts. But remember that even the employers are seeking ways to ensure a warm workable atmosphere that wouldn’t stir-up antagonism. And if your interviewer is going through this deep-end preparation to make sure the interview goes well, what excuse do you have not to prepare?

Don’t let the term “video interview” fool you. Prepare as though it were a one-on-one interview.  Simply put, you’d have to do some research about the company and the roles you’re about to assume. To prepare well, you can go through a list of commonly asked interview questions. It’s a great idea to ask your interviewer some questions too. Find out some of the most appropriate questions you can ask your interviewers. Interviews shouldn’t be one-way traffic. 

  1. Pre-recorded vs. Live Video Interviews

There are two significant types of video interviews – the prerecorded and the live video interview. Both video interview types are pretty self-explanatory. A prerecorded video interview isn’t a live event, meaning you won’t get feedback. Pre-Recorded interviews are not the kind of interview where you can ask questions. On the other hand, a live video interview is a live event which means you can interact appropriately with your interviewer and get feedback.

These two types of interviews require different approaches. A live interview feels more like an in-person interview because you’ll have to respond to the interviewer and provide answers to the questions asked. One useful approach to a live interview is dressing appropriately to impress the interviewer and maintaining a good posture during the interview. Also, it would be best if you had a strong network signal and put other devices off to prevent interference.  

Pre-Recorded interviews feel less than the real thing. You can afford to make mistakes and try again until you perfect your answers and delivery for this kind of interview. Pre-Recorded interviews feel a lot as though you were acting a script. However, you’ve got to appear as cool as you can. So, find out what type of video interview you’ll be taking, and prepare appropriately.

  1. Avoid Doing Things Recruiters Hate To See During A Video Interview

Whatever you do during an online video interview, you don’t want to come across as irresponsible or unreliable to your interviewer. Think about it – if you knew exactly how you could please someone, would you still have a hard time doing it? It’s catastrophic to give your interviewer reasons to disqualify you. Usually, any interviewer would be on the lookout for your faults. You can’t be too careful. It’s in your best interest to know what interviewers hate to see during an interview. 

Here are some of the things that every interviewer hates to see during an online interview:

  • Too many background distractions
  • Multiple audio or video disconnections, which kills rapport. 
  • Rambling on and on without really answering the question asked. 
  • Giving off an impression that shows you are too casual.
  • Trying to avoid eye contact.

  1. Demonstrate Non-Verbal Communication During the Interview

In online video interviews, your non-verbal communication is still as crucial as in a face-to-face interview. Have you heard the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words? Well, that saying is true even in this case. It is easier to be persuaded by what we can see. As much as you think your interviewer wants to hear you speak, they are trained professionals in picking up body language, gestures, tone of voice, eye contact (or the lack thereof), and other non-verbal communication signs. 

The reason why interviewers focus on these non-verbal communication signs is that they barely know you and would want to see if you are lying about anything or if you’re confident about your work ethics. Therefore, hone your non-verbal communication skills and use them to your advantage in any interview!

  1. Build Rapport

Building rapport with your interviewers is an essential skill you must learn. It would help if you learned how to keep conversations going without running into dead ends. If the interviewers talk about something you’re very familiar with, keep them on that track and make the most of the discussion. Sometimes, you may have to play without the rulebook and make the interviewer very comfortable and more concerned about knowing you than merely screening you. Twirl the tile in your favor and keep them on grounds with which you are familiar. 

If you want to have an easy run for your interview, you should focus on building rapport with your interviewer rather than just sticking to answering the question. When interview questions like “what can you tell me about yourself?” pop up, that’s an opportunity to make your move. One of the most effective methods is to sell a story to your interviewers!

  1. Close the Interview by Asking the Right Question

What is a better way to end an interview than to ask intelligent, well-thought-out questions? Asking questions about the company would show the interviewer your sincere interest in working for its growth. Therefore, to end the interview in a memorable way, you need to be adequately armed with the right questions. Here are some of the closing questions you can ask.

  1. What type of challenges is the company facing, and how are they handling those challenges?
  2. What do you like most about working for this company?
  3. What qualities and attributes do employees need to be successful in this company?
  4. What are the most significant opportunities the company presents to employees?
  5. How do you evaluate success?

There are a host of other questions you can ask. In all, ensure that you ask questions that show you have a deep interest in the position and are willing to give your best for it.

Final Thoughts

Online video interviews are as serious as real face-to-face interviews and should be taken as such. Don’t look down on such interview types. Approach them with the same seriousness as you would a physical interview – if not more! Let your chief aim be to land a lasting impression in the mind of your interviewers!

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