Getting Remote Jobs that Pay in Dollars in Nigeria

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Written by Seun Oyediran

Getting a Remote Job in Nigeria that Pays in Dollars

One of the easiest ways to live comfortably in Nigeria is to get a job that pays in Dollars. You don’t have to be a brain surgeon to be able to tell why this is so. With the exchange rate of the dollar to naira being consistently high for decades, it is easy to see why. And if you must know, the high exchange rate may remain so for decades more. 

So, if you will like to make some serious money while working from the comfort of your home, you’re reading the right article. Let’s see how you can get jobs that pay in dollars in Nigeria!

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What Are Remote Jobs

Remote jobs are jobs that you do from any location that is convenient for you. For example, you can do a remote job from any location outside of the traditional working environment. The most important requirement for a remote job is that you get the work done. A remote worker is someone who is employed by a company but who doesn’t work from regular company offices.

Remote jobs in Nigeria are getting increasingly popular because of their flexibility, creativity, sense of achievement, calm, and ease of the individual. All the client or employee is concerned about is that you meet the target and get the job done.

One good thing is that clients abroad need talented Nigerians to help them with their projects. For them, it’s a plus because they achieve two goals – getting the job done and at a considerably lower price than they will have to pay a direct employee. For Nigerians also, it’s a plus because we get to work with clients abroad, and may get more significant pay than working directly under an employee will get us. So, it’s a win-win situation.

Stay with me to find out how to get remote jobs that pay in dollars in Nigeria!

How Do You Get online Jobs in Nigeria That Pays in Dollars?

The process of getting remote jobs in Nigeria borders somewhere between being easy and being difficult. But with an open mind, determination, and resoluteness, it can become considerably easy. Let me show you how you can get a remote job and enjoy the great benefits. 

The first thing to have is a marketable skill that is in high demand. Some specific skill sets are in high demand and will continue to be for the next decade to come. These skills attract employers irrespective of your color, race, or language. With these skills, you can earn a living either full-time or part-time.

We’ve researched some of the world’s largest remote job platforms and have come up with the most in-demand job roles that employers have posted post the first phase of the coronavirus lockdown in H1 2020. The list is in no way exhaustive but contains the hottest and most-searched-for roles.

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  1. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a skill that has become a highly lucrative skill over the last few years. The need for businesses to go digital and exponentially increase their customer outreach necessitates the demand for digital marketers. A digital marketer is a person who optimizes the use of the internet, internet-accessible devices, and digital technologies like phones, computers, etc., to promote goods and services.

So, how can you become a digital marketer if you’re not already one? Well, there are several avenues and courses that can help you become digital marketing savvy. The good news? You can get many of these courses for free! Examples are Digital marketing for Africa courses, Certification by Google, and so on.

The Digital Marketing sphere is quite vast and it’s quite unusual for one person to master it all. Some of the most popular sub-domains within digital marketing are social media marketing, search engine marketing, and content marketing. Even within these sub-domains, there are quite a number of platforms and tools that you may need to master. Whilst it is good to have an all-around knowledge on the various areas of digital marketing, specializing is very important at the beginning of your journey. Over time, you’ll learn to be highly proficient in many other areas of this field.

  1. Web & Product Design

Most businesses need a website to thrive and reach more people. There were over 1.74 billion websites as of January 2020. And with the need for many businesses to launch their e-commerce sites during the coronavirus pandemic, you can only guess how many we have at present! In recent times, companies such as WordPress and Wix have made it much easier for individuals and businesses to create websites without the need for complex programming.

Nonetheless, a growing field in how users interface and experience websites and mobile applications are quickly emerging. As a UI/UX designer, there are two aspects in websites or mobile applications that you can focus on; the user interface (UI) and the user experience (UX). 

If you would like to become an expert UI designer and make some cool cash, you may want to focus on courses that deal with color theory, typography, design theory, and lots more. The reason being that you will need to have a sense of aesthetics and other things that can make people fall in love with the flow and beauty of a website.

For a UX designer, you’ll need to delve deep into the world of coding and have relevant knowledge in prototyping, information architecture, etc. Several companies can help you learn, train, and even land jobs in web design, app creation, coding, etc. 

  1. Software Development/Engineering

In terms of remote job skills, no other field beats software development and engineering when it comes to compensation. Similar to Digital Marketing, it is difficult to master all the areas of software development and engineering. The most popular fields are Front-end development and Back-end development.  The major difference between the two is in the scope of work done.

Front-end developers build what you see and interact with on your browser, whilst the back-end developers build the infrastructure that supports it. The skills required are also different and in the majority of the cases, you’re likely going to have the back-end developers out-earn the front-end developers. However, there are very few developers that know both sides and are referred to as “Full-Stack Developers”. As a developer, there are various opportunities across the world for remote jobs, and the demand for outstanding developers is going to continue to rise in the coming decade.

  1. Copywriting

Every business needs a copywriter. Someone to help them craft compelling sales pitches, sales letters, and content on their websites. Copywriting is the art of writing marketing and advertising content for companies and organizations. The aim of using a copywriter is to reach out to people and enlighten them on some products or services. Eventually, there will be a call to action. 

A copywriter follows the AIDA formula; Attention-catching of the reader, gain their interest, make them Desire, and finally, get them to Take action. If you think you’re interested in the description above or you’ve been doing it in some way, then you’ve just hit the jackpot. Make Copywriting your passion, take relevant courses, and get certified. Copywriting is a highly sought skill, and you can earn in dollars!

  1. Data Analysis

A data analyst is involved in the research, compilation, inspection, sorting, and modeling of data. A data analyst aims to discover relevant information, draw conclusions, help to make important business decisions, etc. This skill is a hot cake in the market today, and the need for data analysts increases exponentially every year. Good data analysts make a sizeable sum yearly, and the good thing about this is that you can work remotely on a team and get paid.

  1. Virtual Assistance Jobs in Nigeria

A virtual assistant is a contractor who fills an administrative office and offers services to clients. Virtual assistants generally keep schedules, make appointments, make phone calls, schedule travel arrangements, and lots more. 

To be a virtual assistant, you must be able to work with computer programs like Microsoft office and manage email correspondence. As a virtual assistant, you will share calendars and other company schedules. You can improve your chances of getting such a job by getting in touch with the right company or organization. Reliability is key to becoming an indispensable VA to any company. 

Other In-demand Jobs

The above list is just a fraction of the most in-demand remote jobs. Before we list our top 10 platforms for searching for remote jobs, it’s important to note that in 2020 there has been a spike of remote jobs for non-tech workers especially in the area of human resources, accounting, finance, legal, consulting, tutoring, and customer support. If you’re serious about getting paid in USD, Euros, and Pounds, whilst working remotely, you’re likely going to find a job that suits your interest from the below job boards/platforms. 

Top 10 Remote Job Search Platforms

Several job search platforms can provide you with access to remote jobs. Some of the platforms where you can get paid in foreign currency include:

  1. Remote OK
  2. Crossover
  3. Pangian
  4. Flexjobs
  5. Remote.co
  6. Virtual Vocations
  7. Remotive
  8. Upwork
  9. Fiverr
  10. Freelancer.com


Without any iota of doubt, working remotely and earning in foreign currency is something you should consider. On the plus side, you can combine it with your current job if the opportunity is not full-time! The interesting thing about the skills earlier mentioned is that demand is outpacing supply in the labor market especially for quality people! Learn one or more, and get ready to smile at the bank and come back with a pocket full of some cash! Who knows, we might meet at the bank someday. 

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