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HR Connect allows you to

Conduct informational interviews

To gain more insights on the career prospects in that industry, understand the hiring criteria and process, nurture relationships with hiring managers, and seek advice on career plans to make them more selective

Reventify HR Connect Informational Interview
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Participate in Mock Interviews

To prepare for an upcoming job interview, and increase your odds of success in the real interview. HR Connect gives you access to experienced HR Managers who have either worked at the company you would be interviewing at or a similar company

Plan Your Career

As an employed professional, you can gain a lot of knowledge on developing a career plan and how to choose the right direction that leads to career fulfillment and advancement.


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Why HR Connect is a Career Game Changer

CV not ATS friendly

Speed up your career advancement and have a more fulfilling life

One CV for all Job Applications

Ace your next job interview by preparing with an insider

One CV for all Job Applications

Have the cheat sheet on how to land a job in a specific company or industry

Poorly Structured & Written CV

Access to 100s of Hiring Managers from a dozen industries

One CV for all Job Applications

Develop new relationships with hiring managers that could refer you to job positions

Poorly Structured & Written CV

Gain insight into the job search process and reduce the time it takes from search to landing your dream job.

How HR Connect Works


Create a quick profile


Select your primary reason for wanting to connect with a Hiring Manager


Pick up to 3 date and time options


Upload a copy of your CV


Make your payment


Receive a confirmation of your booking and an acceptance from the HR Manager


Login in to your 1-on-1 virtual session

You can accelerate your career and your income in less than 90 days