The Key Facts to Know About Landing Your Next Tech Job

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Job hunting experiences are different! While it is a walk in the park for some, it is the most herculean task some other person would have to face in life. Yet, it remains a fact that being adequately armed with job hunting skills (especially in the present dog-eat-dog world of technology) would exponentially increase one’s chance of landing a dream tech job.

How would you like the idea of being that candidate that stands out from the ever-increasing crowd of tech job hunters? Very much, I guess. Let’s fire on! 

Tech is the new gold. Thus, landing that dream tech job is one of the best things a tech job hunter can get. In this case, that’s you! A job in tech offers an incredible work-life balance and job flexibility; some companies even have satisfying remote tech jobs for you. Meaning, you can work at your convenience!  The perks that come with a job in tech cannot be exhausted here! 

Below are essential steps you need to take:

  1. Conduct your Research

If you want to get a tech job, you must be abreast of happenings in the industry! First, you must define your mission in the tech world. This would guide you in choosing the career path to follow out of the numerous options available.

The tech world is for people with laser focus desire, not for the Jack of all trades. Therefore, you should properly research the various tech fields, pick the one that interests you most, and align with your mission. Typical examples of career paths in tech include data science, software development, web development, sales engineering, computer system analyses, and a host of others.

  1. Learn About the Companies You’re Applying To

Learn as much as you can about the company or companies you are applying to. For example, you could learn about their strategies in the nearest future, their biggest risk, the business trends over the last 5-10 years, their financial performance, their products or services, etc. Gain access to all the correct information you need to make your career choices and those that would ignite your passion for the job. When passion is ignited, sacrifice becomes easy.

Fortunately, the United States Securities and Exchange Commission requires all companies to give their 10k fillings every year. It is a thorough report released annually by every publicly traded company. It details the financial performance for that year. This makes it easy for research to be carried out. Meaning, you can always go to check Facebook’s 10-K fillings at any time online.

  1. Keep Applying

Many people act as if Rome was built in a day. But, unfortunately, they fail to realize that even top executives were at one time or the other stranded and hungrily hunting for jobs just like they are. So, after two or more failed applications, they cave in, they gave up.

To succeed in the tech space, you have to equip your mind that resilience is one of the keys to getting your dream job. Don’t be complacent with anything, no matter how little. Keep on applying to those companies you would like to work for one day, and someday it will be your turn. Be generous with your applications. Keep applying!

  1. Start Something

After you have done your research and sent out tons of applications, you should not sit back and idle away. Instead, you could start to design a local UX interface or a software demo app, write out your ideas, and start doing something about that job opening you wish to get.

When opportunity meets preparation, it is called luck. You would be able to prove yourself worthy of the position you applied to by showing evidence of what you have done. It gives you a hedge over others who have done less to nothing. It’s time for you to get “lucky”!

  1. Gain Technical Skills

Having a degree is not enough to land a dream job in big tech firms! Technical Skills are indispensable and are held in high esteem by most tech recruiters. For example, if you are applying to a software developer position, it’s expected that you have the software skills and good knowledge of operation in related fields.

Many sites offer either paid or free courses on various technical skills. Typical examples of such platforms include Udemy, Coursera, Alison, and so on. Constantly update your technical skills because the technology world is an evolving world. What you have learned today might be archaic tomorrow. And yes, you can always read up!

  1. Gain Soft Skills

Interestingly, there is a twist to the plot! Having technical skills is, again, not enough qualification for employment. You need to obtain soft skills too! Soft skills include possessing such skills as Leadership skills, Communication skills, teamwork, problem-solving skills, workplace ethics, flexibility (or adaptability, and interpersonal skills.

Possessing soft skills would make you stand out from the myriad of applicants who also have the degree and technical skills required for performing on the job! Unfortunately, after being bombarded with degrees and diplomas, what recruiters turn to is your Soft Skills. So while you have your head buried in the book, you should also build your soft skills. You can watch podcasts, read related books, watch YouTube videos that will help you. Just skill up!

  1. Gain real-life experience

Recruiters believe your work experience is significant, as it is proof of what you can do. You can gain these experiences by taking up volunteering and internship roles.  All these add up to years of experience in your resume. So, get a volunteer job!

  1. Network

Your network is your net worth! So get out of your shell and build your network. Strive to and ensure you meet new people that are relevant to building your dreams. Thanks to career apps such as LinkedIn. Sign up for an account and optimize your LinkedIn profile. Connect with recruiters and tech companies for first-hand information about current openings. Improve your market visibility. Sell yourself!

  1. Tailor Your Resume

Your resume is your best representative! Dress it well! This is because it goes a long way in determining whether or not employers or recruiters would call you to prove your technical and soft skills. Your CV/resume is your first impression. Take your time to work on it. First impressions last long!

In job-hunting, if your resume gives a wrong impression, it means you lose out totally. It is important to note that your resume must be tailored to each job opening. This means you must have thoroughly gone through the Job description and requirements before applying. Then you should make sure you use the keywords relevant to the Job description in your resume. Because some of these companies make use of the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to filter out resumes at the initial stage.

Therefore, build your resume! Avoid using generalized, all-purpose resumes for job applications; it depicts unseriousness.

  1. Get a Pathfinder/Mentor

Very important! Get yourself a career adviser, a pathfinder, someone who has landed the dream job you are hunting. Preferably someone whose progress inspires you! This stimulatory effect is best if they are in the dream company or have your dream job. Their experiences and mistakes might help you find your path and give a hedge.

In conclusion, never give up, nor give in! Do not settle; what you want exists! Cheers!

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