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Wonder why you aren’t getting called for Job Interviews?

Your CV could be the problem if it is –

CV not ATS friendly

Not ATS Friendly

Over 80% of Hiring Managers use Application Tracking Systems (ATS) to filter CVs based on specific keywords. If this software can’t read your CV, you’re unlikely going to be shortlisted.

Poorly Structured & Written CV

Poorly Structured & Written

Your CV ought to convey your fit for a job position within 7 seconds of viewing it, else, the rest of its content won’t be read. The Reventify CV templates and smart suggestions help improve the visibility of your value proposition.

One CV for all Job Applications

Used for all Job Applications

Your CV has one job; to convince the Hiring Manager that you’re an exceptional candidate for the job you’ve applied for. This is why you have to optimize your CV for each and every job application.

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Create Perfect CVs for Each Job Application with Reventify

Create the perfect CV in minutes with Reventify

Modern & ATS friendly Templates

All our beautifully designed templates are ATS friendly and recommended by Hiring Managers from top companies

Free CV Templates & Builder - Create a free CV in minutes
Create a Job Specific CV with Reventify

Create a Job-Specific CV

Hiring managers eliminate CVs that do not fit the job role, so create CVs that are tailored to each job you apply for

Get Smart Suggestions

Choose from thousands of pre-written phrases and keywords to optimise your work experience, career summary, skills and other sections of your CV.

Find your Dream Job

Access Job sites directly from your dashboard and search through a database of thousands of current job opportunities

Job Manager

We built this tool so that you can review where you are in the job search process and track all your job applications in one place.

Reventify Job Manager for Managing Job Applications

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"REVENTIFY is simply the best!! it has everything you would need to create a top notch CV. The app has really been instrumental in helping me get my current job. It’s the golden touch"


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"Reventify simplifies the resume creation process and offers unique frameworks to guide job seekers in creating perfectly tailored CVs."


Senior Project Manager

"The app is immensely helpful. I like the fact that it gives hints on what you should include in your CV to make it standout. I will definitely be recommending this to my friends, and colleagues."


Associate Director

"Thanks for introducing Reventify to me. I was able to create a world class CV in minutes and it was quite easy to navigate my way around the platform."


Trade Finance Specialist

"Reventify helped guide my career decisions by ensuring I was on top of my game with the right CV, updating my LinkedIn profile to attract recruiters, helping me ace the interview and secure the job"


Compliance & Legal Advisor

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