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✓  Unlimited CVs

✓  5x more job interviews

✓  Recommended CV templates

✓  Manage Multiple CVs for various Jobs


✓  Grammar & Spell Checker

✓  Multiple CV revisions

✓  Access to Career Planner

✓   Priority Customer Support


✓  Expert Insights & Smart Suggestions

✓  Access to the Job Board

✓   Access to Job Manager

✓  Share your CV with Recruiters & Friends


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try Reventify for Free?

We are no longer offering a free version of Reventify although you only get to make payment after creating your first CV. This way you are rest assured of the product that you’re paying for.

Can I get a discount on the price?

As part of our focus on making the product more affordable to job-seekers, we’ve designed a referral process where you can help spread the word of Reventify to your network and immediately get up to 30% if anyone signs up. There are other times where we run multiple promotional plans concurrently and the discount rate could differ. Note that all our promotional plans have an end date and different discount codes.

What is the Reventify Job Match Scanner?

This is an upcoming feature that analyzes your CV content against a particular job and gives a score over 100. The farther away your CV is from 100, the more work you may need to optimize it for the job you’re applying for. Reventify would provide specific CV recommendations. 

Why do I need multiple CVs?

You may need multiple CVs if you’re planning to apply for jobs across multiple industries and job functions. Also, every job is unique and requires specific skill set and experiences, hence, the need to position yourself for each job you plan to apply for.

Why Should I pay for Reventify?

Our paid plans can significantly increase the chances of landing your dream job by up to 5x more than using a regular CV builder. Every CV that you create or optimize is tailored specifcally for the job you inend to apply for.

What are your acceptable payment methods?

We accept all major credit and debit cards. In the near future, we plan to accept payments via PayPal and Stripe.

Is my Data Safe and Secure?

Yes, you have total control of your profile information and CV data. In no event would we share any of your information to 3rd parties without your consent.

I'm not Job Hunting, can i still use Reventify?

We’ve started seeing uses cases for people in academia, government, entertainment and entrepeurship use Reventify to showcase their personal brand to a specific group of people. For example, entrepernuers create their CVs on Reventify when planning to pitch their startups to Investors.

Do you Provide Support for Customers

Yes, we do. You can always reach us on via the chatbot on the website or via support@reventify.com

Can I Upload CVs that are not my own?

No you cannot. Our focus is to help job seekers create a perfect CV for a specific purpose whilst securing their information. Uploading other client CVs will unfortunately result in immediate account suspension

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