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About Reventify

About Reventify - Online CV Builder with free CV Templates. Create a free CV in minutes

At reventify, we are focused on helping millions of dreamers land amazing jobs at companies where their careers can blossom.

Our company consists of senior professionals in product design, engineering, marketing, human resources, career coaching, and business strategy. During the Coronavirus pandemic, when millions had either lost their jobs or were actively seeking new career paths, we sought out to build the world’s leading career platform that would achieve three things


Develop an ambitious career plan for any professional regardless of age, education, skill level or background


Create a winning CV that gets the intended results – a job interview


Prepare you to make a great impression at the job interview stage and become the top choice of your prospective employer.

Our Vision

To be the catalyst for 10 million job seekers looking to land their dream jobs this decade

Our Mission

We wake up every morning with the goal of building the only platform that job seekers require to advance their career

Our Promise

We would always aim to deliver authentic information and useful features that solves the most pressing needs of our users where possible.

Our Vibe

Friendly, professional, yet with a beautiful character that oozes charisma. We are a company filled with Millennials and Gen Z, so why shouldn’t our vibe.

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