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The definitive guide to choosing a fulfilling career path

In this first chapter, we’ll help you make one of the most important decisions of your life; a fulfilling career. The case study and examples we present would change your view on how to lead your career going forward..

7 Effective Steps to Landing your Dream Job (With Real-Life Examples)

Landing that dream job takes more than just writing a good CV and applying online. This is likely the most important chapter in this course for anyone that has been job hunting without much success.

The complete guide to writing the perfect CV (Template Incl.)

Writing a great CV is as much of an art as it is a science. We’ve created the most comprehensive guide that would get recruiters calling to interview you

The 5 Most Common Mistakes Job Seekers Make

We’ve been seeing a growing trend among job applicants making the same mistakes during a job hunt. The top two mistakes include using the same CV for all job applications and not prepping properly for job interviews.

How to write an amazing cover letter in 10 mins

Your cover letter amplifies what is on your CV. It should get the hiring manager’s attention and state what’s not obvious on your CV. This chapter is for those that have been struggling to get interviews at the companies of their choice.

The Perfect LinkedIn profile that keeps attracts Recruiters and Hiring Managers

LinkedIn has become the preferred method for recruiting and engaging with top talent in the digital era. Your linkedIn profile can either increase or decrease your chances of being offered an interview for a job position. Let’s work you through the process of having that perfect profile.

The 4-Step interview Methodology Every Job Seeker Should Follow

It’s depressing if you’ve gotten to the interview stage just to blow it and never hear from the interviewer again. This chapter would guide you on the various steps that you need to follow in order to succeed in all future interviews.

How to Negotiate a Job Offer Like a Pro

We know how hard it is to get a job but we also know how hard it is for the employer to get someone they really want on their team and that’s why we’ve always informed job seekers not to accept the very first offer they’re given. Read on if you’re interested in getting as much as 40% more on your initial job offer.

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