15+ Career Objective Samples for New and Experienced Professionals

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Career Objective

Have you ever stepped out from an interview feeling frustrated and angry at yourself? Well, this was precisely how I felt on the fateful day of my interview decades ago. But, don’t get it twisted – I gave it my best shot, read a hundred and one blog posts on preparing for interviews, and on and on. 

To my greatest surprise, I left the interview disappointed. Deep down, I knew there was something I was not getting right. As I sat down to analyze what went wrong, it dawned on me that I didn’t have a clear-cut career objective. 

One of the commonest reasons people don’t land their dream jobs is that they fail to pitch themselves favorably. And the reason why people fail to pitch themselves favorably is that they don’t know their career objectives.

So, in this article, we’ll be considering the following: 

  • What is a career or resume objective?
  • Why a career objective is essential if you don’t want to blow up your chance of getting your dream job
  •  15+ career objective samples for both new and experienced professionals 

What is a Career Objective? 

A career objective (aka resume objective) serves as the pitch of a resume. It summarizes the objectives and goals of one’s career.

Career objectives sit at the top of a resume and are usually no longer than three sentences. These objectives highlight your strengths, experience and summarize what you’re looking to achieve in your career.

The career objective statement goes a long way in showing recruiters that you align with what they need in their company. 

Although career objectives are not a strict requirement to one’s resume, you can catch the attention of recruiters with a well-written objective. Moreover, knowing your career objective and stating it in a compelling way can save you a lot of confusion. And I’m about to show you how. 

Remember: Career objectives are sometimes referred to as resume objectives, career goals, or objective summary statements.

Why Is A Career Objective Important?

Remember the experience I shared at the beginning of this article? It’s not rocket science: if you can’t state your career objectives, it will be difficult to attract or convince recruiters that you’re the best fit. 

Adding an objective statement to your resume helps recruiters or employers immediately identify why you’re applying, what drives you, and your expertise. In addition, if properly written, it will pique recruiters’ interest and make them want to read your resume fully.

If your goals are in strong correlation with the company’s need, your chances of getting called in for an interview and landing the job are increased significantly. Sounds cool, yeah?

Writing a career objective statement can position you to be the best candidate. But without prior experiences, it could be challenging to write. So, to make life easier for you, I’ve come up with over 15 career objective samples that you can edit and use. They are super easy to use, stress-free, and less time-consuming.

Is A Career Objective Right for You?

There’s a school of thought on the discontinuance of career objectives on a professional CV. Many hiring managers prefer to see a strong professional summary instead, which we advocate for here at Reventify. However, we’ve noticed the importance of having a career objective for people either changing careers or those that are just starting out their careers and would like to answer the question, “Why you and why here”.

At the interview stage, you could be asked by the hiring manager why you’ll excel in the role you applied for and what peaked your interest about the company. Sometimes, the hiring manger could ask the question because your professional or educational background is quite different from candidates that are typically employed at such companies/industries/roles.

15+ Career Objective Samples for New and Experienced Professionals in Different Industries

Career Objective Sample for Real Estate 

  • Example 1

Client-focused and highly flexible individual with excellent follow-up skills, seeking the position of Real Estate Agent for homes. Armed with a solid understanding of real estate and expertise in market analysis.

  • Example 2

Serving with a reputable real estate firm and overseeing 200+ clients. Preparing weekly and monthly sales and client-related reports for senior management and playing an active role in developing customer retention strategy.

Career Objective Sample for Flight Attendants

  • Example 1

A warm individual with strong interpersonal skills and outstanding communication skills. Entry-level flight attendant position with XYZ Airlines. Offering superior PC, stress management, and customer service skills.

IT Career Objective Sample 

  • Example 1

Customer specialist with 7+ years experience at a computer repair shop. Obtained the highest scores in building knowledge and quality, seeking to accelerate growth at the XYZ patrol as the new IT technician.

  • Example 2

A strong desire to contribute my management skills and experience in an IT service management role. Aim to train over 1000 entry-level employees on harnessing their technical skills. 

Career Objective Sample for Assistant Store Manager 

  • Example 1

Been working as an assistant manager for the past six years. My experience covers dry goods and fashion accessories. This has given me a highly diversified skillset that is pivotal to the success of any company. 

Career Objective Sample for Sales Manager 

  • Example 1

Advertising professional, sold $1.5M in XY products using an innovative launch idea and effective management skills. Seeking the position of sales manager to further hone my skills in training and motivating a team to increase company ROI. 

  • Example 2

Result-driven individual seeking the position of sales manager with XYZ company. Bringing 10+ years of experience as sales manager with a 69% increase in revenue by driving sales increase and managing employees effectively.

Career Objective Sample for Marketing 

  • Example 1

An MBA with specialization in online marketing, working knowledge of Google Analytics and Adwords, plus four years experience in developing and managing marketing campaigns. Seeking the role of online marketing manager with XY Inc. To provide excellent leadership and provide best practices for digital marketing.

  • Example 2

A marketing expert with a huge passion for marketing, media, advertising, and technology. 5+years’ experience in media. Bringing a solid understanding of media base research and project management skills.

Career Objective Sample for Project Analyst 

  • Example 1

A certified and dedicated project analyst with solid training in diagramming software and project management. Proven capability in maintaining effective systems and processes and analyzing complex software. Can use SCRUM to approach all projects and ensure performance optimization.

Career Objective Sample for Architecture/Interior Designing 

  • Example 1

Certified and professional architect with 10+ years of experience in managing design and administrative elements. Skilled at crafting high-quality scaled drawing and hold proficiency in Adobe Photoshop, Sketchup, and Auto CADs. A good team player with the ability to multitask. 

  • Example 2

Intelligent and highly- focused individual seeking an architect position with a progressive organization. To utilize 6+ years of professional experience in designing to meet company goals. Highly proficient in mathematics. 

Career Objective Sample for Travel/ Hotel Attendants

  • Example 1

Dedicated hotel general manager with over ten years of experience in managing house, front desk, and food departments. Have managed more than 50 workers at a reputable hotel. Committed to providing an international standard of hospitality services.

  • Example 2

Highly energetic professional travel consultant with eight years of experience in the Tour and travel industry. Seeking to improve my career and hone my skill as an experienced hotel manager looking to apply for a hotel management position at XYZ hotel.

Career Objective Sample for Finance

  • Example 1

Seeking a highly-rewarding financial analyst position (entry-level) with XYZ company. Can perform financial reporting, forecasting, planning, and knowledge of accounting software.

Career Objective Sample for Legal practitioners 

  • Example 1

Six years experience as a junior advocate in district and session court (home development, land development, commercial property development projects). Seeking a more challenging role in a similar environment.

Media/Journalist Career Objectives

  • Example 1

A recent graduate with four years of full-time experience working as a journalist for a local daily newspaper. Covered spontaneous and anticipated news for online and print media. Looking for a challenging role in a conducive growth environment, where hard work is rewarded.

Career Objective Sample for Interior Designers

  • Example 1

Interior designer with five years of freelance and volunteering experience, furnished 15 commercial and residential interiors with overall 70% positive feedback. Skilled in Adobe design and sketch. A regular contributor to Architectural Digest with articles viewed over 100,000 times.

Career Objectives for Teachers

  • Example 1

Seeking the position of elementary English teacher in a progressive institution to apply my strong knowledge of the subjects and help students attain their highest potential.

Career Objectives for Bankers 

  • Example 1

An intelligent individual seeking a mid-level position in a banking firm where I can use my negotiation and communication skills to achieve sales targets with an MBA in finance from XYZ university.

Career Objectives for Medical Personnel/Healthcare Workers

  • Example 1

An experienced, focused pharmacist assistant with relevant expertise in delivering pharmaceutical support, consulting and offering services to varied patients. Excellent data entry skills and stock management skills, willing to work in some capacities in a reputable clinical setting.

Career Objective for Textile Designers and Garment Manufactures

  • Example 1

A creative fashion designer with an excellent understanding of fashion trends and techniques, manual designs, and CAD. Over eight years’ extensive experience in the textile business. Seeking a lucrative job in the textile industry to harness and improve technical design skills.


Your career objective aims to express your professional intentions and career background in minimal detail. These need to be aligned with the company’s best interest, so they know you’ll benefit them and act as a valuable catalyst to help reach their goals!

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