5 Sure Ways to Get Your CV Noticed

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Written by Seun Oyediran

5 Sure Ways to Get Your CV Noticed

Have you ever walked into a room full of very important people and couldn’t even get people to cast a second glance at you? To bring it home, you must, at one point in your life, felt unnoticed. Did you remember how you felt? Lost and unimportant, I guess. If you know what I’m talking about, then I’m sure you can understand the pain some CVs have to go through when put among other well-written CVs vying for the same position.

Your CV doesn’t like it when it sits unnoticed on the table of a recruiter. It doesn’t like being tossed around like a “nobody.” It doesn’t like joining the CVs of other applicants that didn’t make it. It’s unnerving and heartbreaking. But no matter how lost you or your CV have been in the past, you can change the entire narrative by putting a few things in place.

If you want your recruiters to NOTICE your CV and then VALUE it, you have to read this article. I’ve prepared everything you need to do to get your CV noticed. If this is something you’re interested in, let’s start exploring! 

What Every Job Seeker Wants

It is the dream of every job seeker that the recruiter finds their CV impressive. Don’t forget what your CV represents – the first impression recruiters have about you and base assumptions on. When recruiters ask for your CV, they give you the chance to make a first good impression without them meeting you in person.

So which would you prefer? That your CV ends up in the trash or that it lands you your desired job? Would you like recruiters to notice your CV even if there are tens of thousands of CVs before them? Then you must be ready to do the things that people don’t do and avoid the mistakes that most people make when writing their CV. 

Many experienced and qualified job seekers lament how they spend many years trying to get their dream job. They never really understood why their CV didn’t attract a favorable response despite the excellent performances. They spent so many years beating around the bush before getting it right.

While they spent many years to get it right, I can show you how to get it right the next minute. I’ll reveal some secrets that will help you get your dream job without stress (tested and proven). Apply these principles, and thank me later.

Unnoticed Geniuses

I know of a young man that attempted suicide because he was depressed over his CV. He graduated with a first-class in Electrical engineering and had three years of experience. He kept on looking for a more profitable job that could put food on the table, but all to no avail. These are the secrets the young man wished he was told. And there are many more people like him in the world. 

Follow me as I show you how to land your dream job and how your Curriculum vitae can be distinct among people better or more experienced than you. Here’s the thing: most highly paid jobs don’t have the time to check through hundreds of thousands of CVs. They now use Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning to scan the thousands of CVs. This is done through the Applicant Tracking System (ATS). 

The same applies to small and mid-sized businesses. The software is concerned with picking certain keywords that contain specific information required by employers. After the software spews details of applicants that meet certain requirements, a human schedules job interviews with those who have passed the stage. 

So, yes. The machine didn’t select your CV, and that’s why you didn’t even make it to the interview stage. 

Five Sure Ways to Get Your CV Noticed

Let’s get down to the crux of the matter. Here are five secrets that will make your CV irresistible! Are you ready? Let’s roll!

  1. Catchy Cover Letter

Your cover letter is the first thing employers will go through before they check your CV. They want to know if you understand what the job position is about. They also check what you state that you can do and how you can add value to the company. Go straight to the point because those going through it have a lot more to go through.

Explain your academic background and previous work experiences and explain how it is relevant to the position you’re applying for. Write confidently on how much value you would add to their organization. Write in terms of what you can do for them and not what they can do for you. Include the soft and hard skills that give you an edge over other applicants.

  1. Structured CV

This is your representative. The document that speaks for you while you’re miles away.

Your CV gives more details about you and what you’ve done to make you who you are today. It would be best if you structured your CV such that it comes in sequential order. There are many formats online, but some companies could prefer certain types of formats. Find out if it applies to the company you’re applying to. 

Structure it sequentially; for example, state your projects before stating your experience. In the real sense, you should have things to prove you had these experiences. Your CV must have a catchy format and the key points specific to the job highlighted. Be a cheerful giver with your white spaces, and don’t make your CV too wordy. This makes it easy for the reader to comprehend.

  1. Tailored CV

It would help if you tailored your CV to the job position you’re applying for. Most people don’t like undersized clothing, and the same goes for oversized clothing. It is best to wear perfectly tailored clothing. The same goes for your CV. It is advisable to have a sample CV that can be easily tweaked to the job you are applying for at a particular time.

  1. Keywords

Computers are not humans, and they would never be. Keywords are the magic on your CV. They bring a CV to life. The computer smiles with satisfaction when it comes across keywords it has been programmed to locate. Let’s consider this example. If there is an opening for a Data science analyst, the program will search for “data analysis.” You have to make this word appear early enough before the program disqualifies you. 

Other keywords will include critical thinking, communication skills, and the likes. If you can predict the correct keywords, you have higher chances of getting your CV on the recruiter’s table. 

  1. Expand your Network 

The power and importance of networking in getting your CV noticed cannot be overemphasized. Your network is your net worth. One great place to meet with other professionals and can get to work with them is via LinkedIn. 

Here, you can connect with employees and employers in a company of interest. This will help you build an existing relationship with them. Another way of maximizing LinkedIn to get a job is to engage with Human resources individuals on LinkedIn. It is simple! Regularly post a few intellectual comments on their posts and articles, and soon you will get noticed!


In conclusion, your CV is your ticket to getting your desired job. Don’t forget to make an excellent first impression! Do all these and get your CV noticed. We can help you! 

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