8 Reasons why Failure Leads to Career Success

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Written by Seun Oyediran

8 Reasons why Failure Leads to Career Success

Failure comes in different ways and it can either be a source of morale boost to those who view it positively or a source of depression to those who view it negatively. However, one thing differentiates the feeble and the strong, winners and losers is the ability to be resilient and dogmatic in times of difficulties and gross challenges.

Thomas Edison, the inventor of the incandescent light bulb in his words, asserted that ” I have not failed 10,000 times- I have successfully found 10,000, ways that will not work.” A new study conducted reveals that those who fail early in life actually have the propellant to becoming successful in life. Failure itself teaches an individual empirically what a thousand theories cannot teach. Failure helps an individual to sit back, create, and re-invent new ideas and strategies to surpass the present obstacles and limitations, thus, bringing us to our major discussion:

Eight Reasons why your Career is on a Stalemate

1. You are not Passionate Enough

Passion is the driving force that can help sustain a given career; passion helps an individual to not only enjoy what he does but accumulate both financial and material resources while working in his chosen career. An individual who is not passionate about what he/she does tends to be depressed and frustrated in that given career. Passion is the very reason musicians put up amazing performances consistently in concerts, and they are excited about doing every bit of it regardless of the stress in rehearsals. In choosing a career, passion must be at the fore, and the only way to develop passion in a chosen career field is to love what you do. Loving what you do can sponsor passion for your choice of career.

2. You don’t have a Mentor and a Sponsor

Sponsors are advocates in the position of influence who use their affluence unequivocally to help advance an individual to the next stage in their area of endeavors. While mentors provide training, advice, coaching to an individual. Both are very pivotal to the advancement of employees to help them navigate the ladder of success in their workplace. Having a mentor in a field is not just enough but exploring a sponsor to your own advantage helps foster speedy growth in a career. A successful mentorship is transformative for the mentee because a mentor has gained great knowledge through empirical methods, and this knowledge is being transferred through theories to the mentee. Hence a mentee is learning in an easier manner what he ought to learn in a hard way.

3. Working for the Wrong Employers

One of the reasons people fail in their choice of career is working for the wrong employers, and this can serve as a struggle and upheaval as they try to scale through their choice of career. Working for the wrong employer can seem like a constant workload being carried uphill with no distinct destination, thereby leading to frustration, depression. On the side of the employee, it causes stunted growth which will in return lead to a lack of meaningful contribution to the growth of the organization in his choice of career. Employers are meant to boost the morale of employees to enable them to work and be productive in an organization, but the reverse is always the case if an employee gets involved with the wrong employer.

4. You can’t play Office Politics

Herald Lasswell in his words asserted and described politics to be ” Who gets what, when and how.” Politics, as a process of decision-making in this aspect, refers to indulging in the process of decision-making in an organization. Getting involved in office politics places you an edge over those who shy away from such activities. Politics as a virtue is also known as influence, and no one can become influential in a choice of career while neglecting politics. Most organizations undergo gross checks and individual analysis annually to promote or demote individuals who have either performed below or above average. The process of indulging in the decision-making to either promote or demote individuals is the process of office politics. Any individual who wants to make the best out of his/her career must get involved in office politics.

5. Jobs in your Chosen Career is Dwindling

It is always advisable that, before an individual can choose a career, he/she should make the necessary and required research. The world, as we all know, is a global village, and not all jobs are payable and productive. Jobs are dwindling by the day and a high level of unemployment is on the rise. Hence, this requires that individuals make the required research before engaging in any career of their choice. Robots and computers are replacing humans in different careers. Individuals, especially in developed countries like the USA, ENGLAND, GERMANY, RUSSIA should endeavor to pick productive careers that are irreplaceable by machines to enable a sustained career.

6. High Unemployment Rate

One of the greatest challenges to humanity, most, especially to individuals in 3rd and 4th world countries like some African, Asian countries is unemployment. Unemployment as a general phenomenon is a state of joblessness in a state or country, and this has led to so many social vices like armed robbery, kidnapping, terrorism, etc. Unemployment, as a general phenomenon, cannot be over-emphasized. Individuals tend to experience failure in all facets of life because of unemployment and if not tackled, can lead to a quagmire condition in a country. Individuals’ failures and successes can also be measured by dwindling unemployment in a country.

7. Lack of Competitive Skill

The world is becoming very competitive as each day goes by, and if one must scale through the journey of crumbles to stardom, one must learn the antics of competitiveness. Competition is the ability to contend with a rival for a golden spot. While competitive skill comes as a natural gift for some people, others need to learn and nurse it into perfection. The unique reason individuals should learn about competitive skill is to help them foster growth and development. The world is becoming very fierce in competition because everyone wants to be at the top. If an individual must go up to the ladder of success, then he/ she must learn to be competitive.

8. Building the Right Connections

Relationships and networking cannot be overlooked in becoming very successful in a choice of career. No one is an island, we all need someone who knows someone, to help us get to the choice of career we desire. Hence there is a need to network and get to meet with people who will add value to our lives and help us get to the top in our careers. Getting the right connections through networking and building strong relationships require great communication skills. An individual must possess good manners, and a great sense of responsibility to be able to connect. To become successful in a choice of career, one must have the right connection.


The journey to the top cannot be devoid of trials, and these trials are the failures an individual tend to encounter on his/her way to stardom. However, the determinant for an individual on his/her way up is the ability to be persistent, and the ability to overcome great obstacles. There is no champion without a scar. Scars are meant to remind us of how uneasy the journey to success was and as such, help us maintain discipline at the top when we finally get there.

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