How to Know if You are Getting Fired

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Written by Seun Oyediran

Here Are the Signs that you’re About to Get Fired

After a while in a work environment, you become so used to happenings there that you almost can tell if you’re about to get fired. This could be as a result of organizational changes, working mood, or the reactions of your superiors. It is always best that you know the signs to look out for in the workplace that tells you that you’re about to get fired. There are several of these signs, but let us quickly examine a few of them.

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  1. Multiple Negative Performance Reviews

Businesses and companies, while trying to measure their growths always carry out a performance review of employees from time to time. This review represents a comprehensive analysis of your work, relationship with clients and co-workers, as well as your attitude. You need to be mindful of these reviews when they come and the choices of words that are used in them.

When phrases such as “your work attitude doesn’t seem to fit our work culture” or “you need to work on your relationship with clients” come up, they are probably an expression of dissatisfaction. Now, you don’t have to freight when this happens once as it doesn’t mean you’d be fired. However, the problem occurs when you start getting multiple negative performance reviews. This presents negative learning and adapting curve for you to the company and may mean the company will have to let you go.

  1. Being Neglected From Tasks

As a part of a company, you may belong to a team where you have to carry out tasks with other employees. This means you are to be a part of decisions made and conclusions reached by the team. If for any reason you find yourself being left out of these decision-making and conclusion-reaching processes, then it might be a sign that you may be fired.

When you notice you are being neglected, do not be quick to assume that there is an impending termination. Try to find out why you are being neglected. Is it that your manager has less confidence in you? Does it mean that your ideas or suggestions are not good enough? It is always best to communicate how you feel with your employer as this is a way you can find out what and where to improve on. However, when this happens repeatedly, it might just be a sign that you’re about to get fired.

  1. Tasks Getting Difficult

Initially, when you get employed, your leader makes sure every task assigned to you is well explained. This makes it very easy for you to follow through and complete the task. For some companies, there is always someone to guide you through the process making sure you meet the deadlines.

All of sudden, there is a change in the type of task assigned to you and the requirements of carrying them out. Not only are the tasks difficult to complete, but they also come with vague descriptions and very tight deadlines. Your manager and others do not seem to give you the kind of support they used to before.

Sometimes, this might be an oversight on the part of leadership while at other times, it might just be a deliberate act to frustrate you. It starts with frustration which affects your attitude to work before leading to the termination of your employment.

  1. Continuous Warning from Your Boss

Warnings could be verbal or formal writings that come in the form of a query. Over time, when you work in an environment, there is the possibility that you might get queried. This might be because of something you did wrong, or something you failed to do. The idea of a warning is to point you to an error so that you don’t make the same mistake again. However, the problem lies when such warnings happen continuously.

When your boss complains about your work all the time without necessarily praising you for some things that you did right, then you might just be moving towards being fired. Criticisms are great when they are constructive especially in a work environment. The challenge is that they don’t have to be more than commendations. When they are, you might just have to start sourcing for new opportunities elsewhere.

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  1. Poor Relationship with Your Employer

The type of relationship you have with your employer is critical in determining your place in the company. A good relationship with your leader or manager alongside great communication will always mean that you are doing well. When this starts to change and the relationship starts dwindling, you may be looking at an impending sack.

There are pointers to a failing employer-employee relationship and some of them include a general feeling of tension, less communication, regular complaints, and unfair treatment. This should worry you more if it happens all of a sudden with no known explanation as to why. If there is a specific reason, you can schedule a meeting with your employer to iron things out. If you can’t place the reason, it might just be a way to slowly let you go.

  1. Less Project Assignment

At work, there is a volume of work assigned to you based on your position in the company. Always pay attention to this so you can spot a change when it occurs. When less work than normal starts being assigned to you, there might be a problem somewhere. This is most worrying when you have not provided any reason as to why fewer tasks are to be assigned to you.

If you are not complaining about your task but it is still being reduced, it might be that someone else is doing your job. When someone else is doing your job, that might mean someone is being groomed to replace you. Considering that this may go sideways, you can mention your workload decrease to your employer to find out why while also sourcing for new opportunities should you get fired.

  1. Your Efforts Are Being Ignored

It is one thing to have you being neglected, it is another to have your efforts ignored. When you and the efforts you put to work are completely ignored, it may show that your efforts are no longer valued in the workplace. If this is the case, the company might just be preparing to let you go. Every company retains workers based on the value they offer to the company.

You only know how valuable you are when you get positive feedback on tasks completed. While your bosses might get busy sometimes, your efforts shouldn’t have to be ignored all the time. It is part of their duties to acknowledge your efforts and that of others. So, when you have them acknowledging others and ignoring you, it might just be a sign that you’re about to be fired.

  1. A Decision to Merge

When companies agree to merge, the outcome is not always favorable for staff because it results in a layoff. These companies cannot retain as many employees as they did after the merger. So, when you become aware of an intending merger, you need to start checking for a possible overlap in your duties. While you are not certain that you will be fired, there is a likely possibility that you may. You have to improve your work culture to show your value, and you have to start looking elsewhere should it go either way.

Taking note of these signs that have been provided above does not necessarily mean you are preparing to be fired. It simply means that you are putting yourself in a place to handle it better if and when it happens. Do not be too comfortable in your workplace that you become unaware of these signs, or that you ignore them when they occur. Speak to your employer when you notice any change to clear every doubt and know what step to take next.

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