Get a Job Promotion in 13 Steps

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Written by Seun Oyediran

Get a Job Promotion in 13 Steps

“Leaders are not born; they are made…”

Vince Lombardi

Everyone wants to get a job promotion, but not everyone knows how to go about it. So, if you’re a new employee or if you’ve been in the same position for longer than you’ll like to, then I’ve got some good news for you! You no longer have to grow old in the same office or work at the same level. There are always secrets that can accelerate you in all walks of life. All you need is to find them. I’m glad you’ve found this!

According to Vince Lombardi, Leaders are made, not born. They are made just like anything else. Just as you need a blueprint to build a house, you need a blueprint to get a job promotion. Join me as I walk you through the process of laying a solid foundation and building the skyscraper of your career.

So, you can always work your way up to the top in your organization. Unfortunately, the tragedy called ignorance would let people keep running in a circle; doing the same thing over and over again. It doesn’t take a genius to fathom that they will get the same results. In the words of Martin Luther King Jr., nothing is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.

This is the reason you should go through the ten steps below. Don’t allow the next promotion to pass you by!

1. DESIRE A Promotion

Desire, they say, is the starting point of all achievements. Nothing comes by chance, as some may think. They think greatness will someday be thrust upon their laps. They think they can get a promotion just by how long they have spent in an organization. This set of people are often disappointed to see new employees getting promoted before them. Behind every promotion, there is a desire for new and better things – the desire to win.

With this kind of desire comes the definiteness of purpose. A clear-cut goal of what you want and a burning desire to achieve it. So, set a goal and go after its fulfillment with all that you are and all that you have. Without first having this in mind, all other efforts are futile.

2. Have A POSITIVE Attitude at all Times

Having a positive attitude at all times is as important to success as breath is to life. Attitude is everything, and a positive attitude can take you places originally beyond your reach. Therefore, if you want to get what you want from your boss – including a promotion, you must have a sweet attitude.

People who go about their jobs with a positive mental attitude are happy. They are happy with their boss, happy with their colleagues, and happy with their lives. Very soon, they will be happy with their promotion too. So, if you want a promotion, always wear a smile on your face and radiate positive attitudes everywhere you go. This works like magic.  Don’t go around complaining about almost everything affecting you in the office and giving off bad vibes. This type of attitude weakens your relationships with colleagues and the powers that be. Maintain a positive vibe as that brightens other’s day and therefore, increases others’ attraction towards you.


Competence is always rewarded. It is so rare a commodity these days that anyone who has it will easily make progress. Those who reach the level of competence rise to the top of their careers. Why? Because no boss will place the future of the organization into the hands of an incompetent individual. 

The secret here is to build on yourself and add new related skills continually. Work on your talent and learn new things every day. If you spend JUST an hour a day working on your craft and developing yourself, you will become a national champion in five years or less. And when you do learn new things, apply them to your job. Start and finish a project excellently, and you’ll be amazed at the reward!

4. Showcase your ACHIEVEMENTS

Whilst it’s vital to show competence, it’s just as important to let others see your contributions. There are so many people that put in the hard work at their place of work but it goes unnoticed. I used to have a supervisor that had a big mouth and always wanted people to know when he excelled at something. That behavior used to annoy the hell out of me, but I quickly realized how effective that strategy was when he started getting recognition for his achievements as well as an annual promotion.

5. TEAM Work

According to the words of Henry ford, when you come together, it is a beginning. When you stay together, you’re making progress. When you work together, then the success will come. Many make the mistake of thinking they will make more progress if they are self-centered. They fail to realize just how far one can go with the help and effort of a team.

In a team, Everybody Achieves More. Help others climb the ladder, and you’ll be amazed at how far you can go. And there is a plus. If you’re able to lead a team successfully, it may prove that you are fit for higher positions. I know there are a lot of managers that are not considered leaders but if you really check the stats, they are usually not on an accelerated career path. If you’re competent and a very strong team player, your potential to rise to the c-suite level is likely greater than most of your peers.


As Napoleon Hill said, “when you can maintain the highest standard of integrity, regardless of what others may do, you are destined for greatness.” Integrity is slowly becoming something you can only find in stories. So, a person of integrity these days is a person that will go far. Keep building your integrity and get ready to hear about your promotion!

7. Have a SPONSOR

One of the biggest liars told in corporate history is that all you need to do to achieve success at the workplace is to be good at your job. This is far from the truth. You need to be presented with specific opportunities at the workplace in order to shine. I always wondered why others got involved in special projects and I wasn’t a part of it. This is when I realized that you need to build rapport with the management team and have at least one person at that level that has your interest at heart. When decisions are being made about projects and promotions, a lot of large institutions and even small ones at times, have a quota. Hence, the decision for a promotion is not always going to be objective. You need someone that would speak up positively about you and present your case in a way that gets you tour desired results.


Failure in a project is not the end of the world. In many ways, it is a new beginning. Success is the ability to go from a failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm. As you should know by now, Rome was not built in a day. Your ability to focus on any personal or corporate task until success is achieved makes you a go-getter.

Life is not a bed of roses. So, when you experience difficulty in your task or project, be persistent enough to do it over and over again until you succeed. Make no alibis for failure, and don’t take excuse as an option. If opportunity doesn’t come knocking, you’d better go and build the door. The promotion will surely come to a persistent person as it did to the great people we read about.

9. Work HARD and SMART

The reward for hard work is more work, and more work comes in the form of promotions. Plenty of men can do good work for a spurt with immediate promotion in mind. But for it to work out, you need to make hard and excellent work a habit. You can only reap what you sow. Leaders only promote those who they think have the potential to offer their organization more.


Many think that promotion comes from good luck or great talent. But most successful people achieve their accomplishment more predictably: through self-discipline. In the words of Harry Truman, “In reading the lives of great men, I found that the first victory they won was over themselves.” Usually, Self-discipline came first with all of them. Disciplined people are always gems to their organizations. To such employees, their promotion will come sooner than you think.

11. Make PROFIT

Any organization seeks to make a profit. Even a “non-profit” organization seeks to make a profit in some ways. You can become profitable for your organization when you become a person of value and boost the reputation of your organization. Use any means you can to ensure that you achieve the goals of your organization. Add value to your company, and you will get promoted in no time.


The world is increasingly getting complex, and only the exceptional and rare individuals make headway. If you work like everyone else, procrastinate like everyone else, or do things like everyone else, then you will be just like everyone else. Just like the masses without a promotion. You can only get that much-needed promotion if you learn to be exceptional at all you do!

13. Promote YOURSELF

There are a lot of things that you don’t have control over; when it rains, who would be the next president, inflation rate and so many other things. It also happens when you work at an organization that you don’t control the resources. You can be a star performer at a company and you won’t still get a timely promotion. This sounds crazy but I’ve seen it happen over and over again. What you need to do is to sell your services to other organizations or start yours. This is why the power of relationships is very important. If you invest in building relationships with competent and influential people, you’ll reap the rewards over time. If you’ve shown the qualities mentioned in this article, there’s no reason why others would not see value in you.


So here are the thirteen things to do that will land you a promotion within a desirable time. Are you ready to get that new title with the responsibilities and benefits that come with it? Let’s do it!

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