Here are the Top 10 Job Sites in Nigeria in 2022

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Written by Seun Oyediran

Here are the Top 10 Job Sites in Nigeria in 2021

Job hunting could be a very daunting task in Nigeria if you don’t understand how to go about it strategically. Like it has been said, Job hunting is a job in itself and it must be treated as such. A lot of unsuspecting young graduates have fallen prey to fraudsters or jokers masquerading as recruitment agencies or job vacancy platforms. 

You can avoid such stories and make the most of your online job-hunting strategies. One of the ways to achieve this is to have a good knowledge of the best job sites in Nigeria and how you can harness each of their value propositions to land your dream job. Whether you are a fresh graduate or currently employed looking to get a new job, you will find these tips helpful.

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Find below, in no particular order, the top 10 job sites in Nigeria.

  1. Jobberman

As there are hundreds of job sites in Nigeria, I will begin with the #1 job site in Nigeria, Jobberman. Since they offer several extra values that no other job site in Nigeria currently offers, I refer to them as the top job site in Nigeria.

Reputed as the single, largest virtual training and recruitment platform in Nigeria and Africa, Jobberman has distinguished itself as a trusted and reliable job placement website. Initially, they started as a platform where employers connect with employees, but the platform has been upgraded to deliver a premium user experience. In late 2020, the company acquired NG Careers, another top job site that would have surely made this list.

In more recent years, Jobberman has expanded its array of services. Job seekers can now have their CV reviewed automatically, take skill assessments, sign-up, and complete soft courses, and also speak with a career development professional. They recently launched Stutern, a platform that helps students secure internship placements. 

  1. Delon Jobs

Over the last few years, Delon jobs have become amongst one of the foremost job sites in Nigeria, catering to the job placement needs of job seekers and the talent need of organizations. With over 600,000 listed jobs and a wide spectrum of career services including CV rewriting, advisory, assessment tests, IT recruitment, and much more, Delon jobs have proven themselves as a hub for serious-minded job seekers. 

They provide a robust listing of vacancies in Nigeria and a search engine that enables users to streamline their search by location, and category of jobs. The company also runs a weekly webinar to train recent graduates including NYSC members on CV creation and other important career-related skills. Besides Nigeria, their job site also provides listings of current jobs in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia, thus allowing Nigerian freelancing to expand outside of Nigeria.

  1. MyJobMag

 MyJobMag is beyond a job listing platform. It’s an organization that is leveraging technology to solve the talent and human capacity development needs in Nigeria and Africa. They are arguably among the top three job sites in Nigeria.

Aside from listing verified vacancies and placing the right candidates with organizations, MyJobmag provides value-added services such as career counseling, Company reviews, salary research, and Professional CV services.

  1. LinkedIn

Linkedin is a social networking platform for professionals. Organizations post job vacancies on this platform and also carry out strategic head-hunting daily. 

At the heart of their value proposition is connecting professionals. A very strong network can make your job hunting expedition easier. Aside from the connections, LinkedIn provides you with a template to build a strong career profile, showcasing your work history, skills, education, and certifications.

They also provide you with an opportunity to join professional forums and also get a powerful recommendation from other professionals to boost your profile.

  1. Indeed

Indeed.com is a global top job site in Nigeria with operations in different countries including Nigeria. With over 10 million daily visitors, Indeed.com helps candidates with a streamlined search for job vacancies anywhere in the world. 

You can search for jobs with choice keywords to see job vacancies by country, state, cities, salary, organization, industry, and experience. The platform also helps users with creating a powerful CV. They also provide users with information about the industry salary scale. 

  1. HotNigerianJobs

As the name implies, this job site is a hot destination for recruiters and job seekers alike. They provide job seekers with real-time job listings from different sectors and industries in Nigeria. You can also subscribe to the platform to get current job alerts in your industry. 

They also offer users a lot of free career services with an option to sign up for premium services including being the first to know of a job vacancy in your field. This platform has been around for a while with a growing number of daily visitors. 

  1. Nairaland

This is the foremost online forum for Nigerians from different works of life. With over 3 million daily visitors sharing information including job vacancies and career development tips, Nairaland is very popular for being a faceless forum. Because most members of the forum are faceless and anonymous, it is believed that Nairaland plays host to very important persons in the society from business leaders to government officials, politicians, top career professionals, and religious leaders. 

Jobs vacancies and other useful careers related information are posted by members of the forum, but verified by the moderators of the forum. A lot of job seekers have also leveraged on the forum to solicit immediate employment from members of the forum. 

  1. Jobgurus

Jobgurus is one of the largest job sites in Nigeria. At the core of their business operation is helping job hunters search or track for genuine and verified job openings and helping organizations and recruiters to scout the perfect talents to fill their vacant roles.

They manage a database of CVs running into hundreds of thousands with an algorithm that helps recruiters find the right candidate or candidates.  Organizations and HR outsourcing agencies use to publish their job vacancies on Jobguru. And with the platform’s applicant tracking software, they accept, monitor, and sort applications. 

  1. Jobzilla

Being the first to know about job openings and applying to them improves your chances of landing your dream job faster. Knowing this, Jobzilla developed a unique selling proposition around providing job seekers with real-time job vacancy alerts for free. 

Jobzilla doesn’t list jobs, rather they provide users with the option of searching for jobs by state, town, industry, or field. Their platform covers every job vacancy in Nigeria. 

Like some other job sites in Nigeria listed here, they also provide users with CV review services and free aptitude test simulation. 

  1. Joblist Nigeria

Joblist Nigeria is one of the emerging providers of job vacancies and career resources with an underlying model of connecting job applicants to job opportunities. They also offer other amazing services like scholarship opportunities, internships, and career advisory services. 

The platform is designed to cater to the needs of not just fresh graduates looking for employment but also for working professionals looking to make a career switch or change jobs.

They provide a daily listing of all job vacancies in Nigeria and users can also streamline their search by location, industry, or field. 

Final Thoughts on Top 10 Nigerian Job Sites in 2022

The Nigerian jobs sites listed above have been carefully selected and we highly recommend that you sign up for at least four to five of them since they all offer slightly different values from each other. Beyond getting real-time feeds or alerts of job vacancies in Nigeria, preparing for the job is very vital and that is one thing most of the jobs sites in Nigeria listed here are committed to doing.

From CV review to career coaching, soft skill development, aptitude test simulation, interview tips, online courses, salary scale research, company reviews, and scholarship opportunities, these jobs sites in Nigeria will help you maximize your job hunting experience. Here at Reventify, we always recommend reviewing job listings before submitting your CV.

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