How To Get Your Dream Job Without Having Any Connections

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How To Get Your Dream Job Without Having Any Connections

In a world where there is an ever-rising increase in competition for jobs in the labor market, people are unfazed about finding their “dream job” they are more focused on finding any job at all so they will be able to pay their bills. According to worldpopulationreview.com, 4.40% of the USA’s 331,002,651 population are unemployed and the world unemployment rate stands at a staggering 13.40%. Of the employed population, only a tiny population would say they are in their dream job. As of December 2017, the median monthly salary received by workers in the USA was $3,714 this data was obtained from chron. Earning that amount monthly is far from the ideal which further buttresses the need of finding that perfect job with good pay.

It is from experience that we know that it is more difficult for a person who has no connections in a given field to get a job in their field than one who does. Connection in this context means a person is having someone in top management positions in the given field that can easily recommend a person for a job, and the company employs the person without much questions or scrutiny. This article is not for such people; this article offers hope to people with no such connections and is wondering how to go about finding their dream job. 

Having no connection is not a death sentence to your dream job dream as there are a number of things that can boost your chances of getting your dream job. The tips covered in this article are gotten from people who have been in the position of looking for their dream jobs, without connection and have been able to land their dream jobs. These tips are things that made them stand out against other job seekers and made the company excited about working with them.

Tips On Landing Your Dream Job Without Any Connections.

There are a lot of things to be done to land that dream job of yours. We will be analyzing a few of them in this article. Some very useful job seeking tips are listed and enumerated below.

  1. Designing a top-notch Keywords optimized CV
  2. Finding possible Connections From Family, Friends and Social Media
  3. Informing People That You Are Looking For A Job
  4. Staying Informed On Job Openings And Other News On The Company
  5. Preparing For Your Interviews

1. Designing A Top Notch Keyword Optimized CV

Even though other tips will reduce the importance of CV during your job search journey, it is still an essential part of landing you a job interview, especially if you are going to be submitting to a company where you don’t know anyone. 

One trick in writing a CV or resume that will guarantee you a couple of interviews is the use of keywords in the write-up. These keywords are gotten from the job description. The importance of the use of keywords cannot be overemphasized as some companies go use a technology called “applicant tracking system.” This system eliminates resumes that don’t have keywords in them, leading to your resume not being considered. It is important to put many keywords into use in your CV.

Resume keywords may include the specification required for the job, relevant credentials, previous positions, employers, your skillset, etc. These keywords can be found by reviewing the job posting and also by scanning through the company’s website for keywords that can be incorporated in your CV or resume.

2. Finding possible Connections From Family, Friends and Social Media

Being that you don’t already have connections with people in top positions and companies, the most aggressive way to tackle this problem is by facing it head-on, and that is by going out there to get connected.

Charity they say begins at home or family, and the home or family is the best place to start searching for connections. Asking parents, siblings, uncles, aunties, and other extended family members could help as they might know someone in a top position in your chosen field that would be helpful to you. Your friends also could be of tremendous help too, from old school mates to ex-colleagues, they could help with the contact of people that could help you secure your dream job.

Social Media is another way to contact and message people in top positions in companies you are looking to work with. There are two major ways one can reach big guns in companies; they include:

  • Email

You can try to get the email addresses of people in top management positions in companies on LinkedIn. You will need to search for the person’s profile and click on the “contact info” option, and the email will pop up. If this option is not available on LinkedIn, then the person must have turned the option off. Another way of getting emails is by doing a reverse search. One way of also getting mail is by using the matching format, which deals mainly with assumptions.

  • Other Social Media Platforms 

popular social media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. can also be of help in contacting top-placed individuals in a company.

After getting a contact, it is important to draft a well-constructed mail to send to them to boost the likelihood of you getting a reply. There are tips on how to address such mails on the internet. This method has a high chance of succeeding as about 92% of companies now use social media as a means of recruitment according to Jobvite

3. Informing People That You Are Looking For A Job

A problem shared is already half solved, so when you are looking for that dream job of yours, it is important to inform people, and you just don’t tell them you are looking for a job you specifically tell them the kind of job you want. Now, this might not be a sure bet but it will not be a bad idea to try anyway as they might know openings for that position that you may not be aware of. 

You can also use the option of announcing your job hunt on your social media accounts and LinkedIn they have also proven to be effective during the job hunt.

4. Staying Informed On Job Openings And Other News On The Company

When searching for employment in a particular company, you must put your ears to the ground about happenings in the company. This is important because you get news of openings on time and also be more informed about the company which could come in handy during the interview or when choosing keywords to include in your resume. 

Showing that you are well informed about the happenings in the company will impress the company, and they will easily translate the action to you being motivated to work for them, and they will be excited to see more of your passion for the company in your work.

5. Preparing For Your Interviews

When you cross the application stage, and you get a call back from the company for an interview, it is necessary to prepare yourself for the interview as it is the final stage where the company is going to have a final assessment of you. 

In preparing for an interview, you should know as much about the company as possible, and you will need to go through all the frequently asked questions in the interview and prepare suitable replies for them. You have to be confident and look smart and neat. 

All questions should be answered politely and confidently. It is important to smile as it will come off as you have a pleasant and calm personality.

This article has addressed the problem of landing your dream job even without a connection. If these tips are followed, then getting an interview and landing your dream job should be a lot easier and achievable than it was when you haven’t come across this article.

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