Best Recruitment Companies in Nigeria 2022

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Top 10 Recruitment Agencies in Nigeria in 2021

Technological advancement has no doubt made things easier for job seekers and employers and this article would focus on the top ten recruitment agencies in Nigeria. Despite over 200 recruitment agencies in Abuja, some of them stand out from the rest. The following is a list of the 10 most renowned recruitment agencies in Nigeria.

These agencies rank in the top ten for us because of the value they offer to both the employers and the applicants so if you are a job seeker, then this is where you should be right now.

With that said, these are the agencies that tick all or most of the boxes for us when it comes to recruitment opportunities.

Top 10 Recruitment Agencies in Nigeria

  1. Oscar Temple: Oscar Temple (OT) is a recruitment agency situated in Lagos State, Nigeria. They pride themselves as an agency that “brings together a team of the best thinker, visionaries and industry professionals” and this is not an overstatement as they have proved this over time. Oscar Temple currently has numerous businesses and organizations signed up on their site and as such, the site is one of the first places where any vacancy is advertised. They choose the best candidates for their clients as this one way to keep their reputation spotless. On LinkedIn, the official account for the agency has over 22,000 followers and they have expanded their coverage to Europe.
  2. Kimberly Ryan: Located in Abuja, Nigeria, Kimberly Ryan has made a name for itself in the Human  Resource sector. The team at KR serve as Human Resource officers for hundreds of companies and organizations in Nigeria especially. They publish job openings for applicants and scout through several applications to present only the best candidates to the employer. With over 45,000 followers on LinkedIn, their job openings range from accounting and finance to education and teaching so every applicant should have a tab dedicated to the site. 
  3. Energi Talent Resourcing: When it comes to Oil and Gas or Power sectors in Nigeria, Energi Talent is the go-to site. Besides these, they also partner with organizations in Engineering and Civil sectors as well as Utilities. Although most of these sectors have to do with technical knowledge, some job vacancies are for those skilled in communication, analysis, and finance management as these sectors need individuals to manage their publicity and other in-house jobs. In some cases, they post job vacancies on their LinkedIn page which has over 36,000 followers and counting.
  4. FMCG Search: This executive search firm in Lagos, Nigeria has partnered with organizations from different parts of Nigeria and beyond. The agency is built to attract applicants seeking to work in the FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods) inclined businesses and as such, most of the vacancies advertised have to do with marketing. Nonetheless, the team works together with partners to provide jobs for non-marketers alike as long as their goals align. With over 90 employees and 63,000 followers on LinkedIn, FMCG Search has gone on to become one of the foremost recruitment agencies in Abuja for their niche.
  5. Estrada International Staffing Solution: The Lagos-based recruitment agency has positioned itself as a “strategic boutique specialist recruitment consulting firm” in Nigeria. Similar to FMCG Search, the team works with brands in the FMCG sector but they have a wide scope of advertising vacancies ranging from the Oil and Gas sector to the Banking sector; telecommunications to insurance, and many more. Applicants can create unique CVs on the official site and review their old ones just to ensure that they are well suited for the position they wish to apply for. With almost 10,000 followers on LinkedIn, Estrada prides itself as “leading millennials” in recruitment.
  6. eRecruiter: On the official site, applicants can find jobs ranging from sales and marketing positions to other management positions. Searching for jobs is even made easier as anyone can filter the job listings on the site to get the most suitable vacancies available. Employers can easily log on to the site, register, and post a job opening at any time so this makes it a readily profitable place for job applicants as they would rarely run out of job adverts. eRecruiter brags a client retention rate of 99% with over 217,000 followers on their LinkedIn profile.
  7. Workforce Group: This consultancy agency with offices in Abuja and Lagos tops the list of human resource and business recruitment agencies in Lagos. The team at Workforce Group works to build alliances with employers to help them get the best man for the vacant position(s). they are very strategic when it comes to working with brands and as such, applicants are assured of working under favorable conditions when they get accepted for a position. The 14-year-old agency has acquired well over 100,00 followers and 300 employees on LinkedIn alone.
  8. Aldelia: Established in 2015, Aldelia Nigeria now flies the flag as one of the top recruitment agencies planted in Lagos State, Nigeria. The firm works tirelessly to provide the most credible job vacancies and best-suited individuals for those positions. With almost 5,000 followers on LinkedIn, Aldelia has successfully sourced for and connected applicants with their dream employers. 
  9. Proten International: Based in Lagos, Proten International aims at advertising job openings from well-known companies and organizations and providing such institutions with the best candidates. They also provide what they refer to as “advisory and transformation solutions” to brands interested in working with the team. The firm which was established in 2010 currently has over 45 employees and 14,000 followers on LinkedIn.
  10. Karisfined Edge Solutions: Karisifned Edge Solutions functions as a firm that focuses more on training and management of interested applicants than just job advertisements. The agency has tens of employees skilled in talent management and as such, they work closely with job seekers to prepare them for their dream position. They are one of the leading entities in IT and Human resources which is why many corporate brands love to work with them. Applicants trained by the team have a higher chance of getting their desired positions than any random job seeker.

With recent advancements in technology, many have lost their jobs to certain innovations but many more have gotten employed under similar conditions. Regardless of which side of the spectrum you fall, it is advisable to keep your eyes on any of the sites listed above as you may be the solution a company needs. Besides being a jobless applicant, those seeking to switch jobs have done so by registering with any of these agencies so this may be just what you or someone you know needs right now.

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So why not share this valuable information with anyone you know who needs a job or is planning to change jobs?

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