Top 12 Most Attractive Mid-Level Manager Jobs in Nigeria

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Mid-level Manager Jobs

Do you seek to become a mid-level manager in Nigeria? If yes, it is not unusual to be confused about which one is good enough for you. This article will give you lots of clarity on which mid-level manager job to clinch.

Mid-level manager jobs in Nigeria are challenging, skillful, and time-demanding. However, it’s also lots of fun too. Just as the name implies, mid-level managers are at the middle (2nd) level of an organization hierarchy. They report directly to the senior-level managers while they provide supervision and leadership to lower-level managers.

Mid-level managers are the drivers of organizational objectives. So, they plan projects and make resources available for the execution of the project. However, the job descriptions, job demand, and salary expectations vary across various managerial positions. Therefore, check out the list below and make your decision.

  1. Project Manager

Project management is all about leading and coordinating a team of people to achieve the company’s goal within a set period. Every standard organization has projects or goals at one point or the other that must be completed or achieved within a time frame. This makes project management imperative to every organization. 

Job Description: They initiate, coordinate, and bring to completion all company’s ongoing or future projects within a set time, estimate the overall cost of a project and make a budget for the appropriate quarters. They also delegate and supervise duties to staff imperatives for project success, control time management, evaluate risk-reward ratio for every project and analyze customer relationship services.

Demand and Opportunities: Project managers are needed in various multi-national companies, non-governmental organizations, government, and private sector. Such could be I.T. project manager, Health care project manager, Marketing and sales Project manager, etc. A degree in a relevant field with a minimum of 5 years of experience is required. Projects management certification is also a prerequisite.

Average Salary: 400,000 NGN monthly.

  1. Human Resource Manager

The human resource department summarily deals with the management of all employees in an organization to produce the best output needed. They are in charge of recruitment processes, training of new and old employees, reward benefits to performing staff, organization policies management, and sometimes, the disciplinary actions on staff faults and crime.

Job Description: Nurtures an excellent working condition, leads and coordinates the day-to-day functions of the H.R. department, including recruiting, interviewing, and staffing. In addition, they review wages and salaries, reports, and decides compensation plans. Prepare and provide new employee documents containing rules and regulations for staff, identify the need for new staff, write job descriptions and roles for new positions, and circulate the adverts for the new role. 

Demand and Opportunities: To become an H.R. manager, you are required to hold a Bachelor’s degree (B.A) in Human Resource or a related field, or a minimum of two years experience. A combination of both is an advantage. There are attractive managerial paths as human resource managers such as H.R. Generalist, H.R. recruiter, H.R. specialist, compensation manager, employee relations manager.

Average Salary: 100,000 NGN to 330,000 NGN monthly.

  1. Customer Service Manager

Customer care service management seeks to establish, nurture and retain customer service relationships. The goal is to make new customers, maximize customer service value and retain customers.

Job DescriptionThey ensure customers are satisfied, increase a good customer service experience. Resolve all customer’s plights and bringing a lasting solution to customer’s complaints. They equally set definite goals and followed through to the end. Deploy plans to improve customer relationships. Keep accurate records of customers and do follow-up reports. 

Demand and Opportunities:  A customer care manager should possess Business administration, Customer relations service, or any related field. In addition, good communication skills and proficiency in the English language coupled with good management skills and multitasking skills are essential.

Average Salary: ranges from 150,000 NGN to 250,000 NGN monthly.

  1. Product Manager

The product manager is responsible for all product planning and marketing. Ensures and monitors all stages and processes of production to have an excellent finished product as formulated and planned. In addition, he/she designs product frameworks and policies that ensure customers’ feedback and optimum satisfaction on products and evaluate reports on cost and profits for a fixed period.

Demand and Opportunities: Must be an expert in market analysis and knowledgeable about Key Performance Indicator tools. Bachelor’s degree, possession of MBA is an added advantage. Ability to work with and lead a team and excellent leadership. 

Average Salary: 400,000 NGN monthly.

  1. Social Media Manager

With the evolution of social media trends, companies and organizations have seen social media as a great marketing tool, Brand Awareness, and an easy information dissemination platform. Hence, the birth of a new managerial role titled social media manager.

Job Description: Post articles related to the organization’s products or services and respond to all complaint and questions on social media handles, identify the target audience and promote brand awareness through social media marketing strategies, create strong content suitable for each handle, including graphics designs, SEO friendly posts, and email marketing.

Demand and Opportunities: There is no specific field required for this position. A bachelor’s degree will suffice. Applicant must be social media savvy, who know social media analytics tools. Excellent communication skill is essential, must be able to deliver error-free written articles including content writing, storytelling and copywriting. 

Average Salary: 150,000 NGN monthly.

  1. Operations Manager

Operation management is an area of management concerned with the process operation and productions in the organization. It involves designing and redesigning plans, controlling and supervising production processes, and ensuring efficient delivery pathways to the market.

Job Description: Responsible for overseeing production processes. Negotiate contracts with vendors, supervise and give directions to the logistics officers, and purchase materials needed for production processes. In addition, they negotiate with vendors and contractors, ensure effective distribution of products to hit the company’s target, and efficient resources needed for all operations.

Demand and Opportunities: A degree in business administration or a related field is required. Must possess the ability to understand planning, budgeting, auditing, etc. They must be able to develop policies that are imperative to the growth of the organization. Excellent Leadership skills, the ability to identify and resolve problems, develop partnership and legal agreement with relevant groups and parties essential for the organization’s growth.

Average Salary: 400,000 NGN monthly.

  1. Account Manager

Job description: Controls all sales-related activities, including generating sales, attaining the company sales targets, manage relationships, develop sales strategies, motivate, encourage and organize training for salespersons to ensure an increase in sales. In addition, he or she carries out the budget for the company or customer.

Demand and Opportunities: Bachelor’s degree in sales, communication, business administration, or any related field. Excellent written and oral communication skills. Critical thinking and problem-solving skills are highly required. 

Average Salary: 300,000 NGN monthly.

  1. Marketing Manager

Job Description: Responsible for all marketing activities, research marketing, marketing strategy, and make plans based on market data analysis. Make use of Traditional and Digital marketing tools for brand promotion and product awareness.

Marketing managers also get customer feedback, make marketing channel surveys, report on previous marketing channels’ effectiveness, and select the best and most effective. In addition, they manage and coordinate campaign for new products.

Demand and Opportunities:  A Bachelor’s degree in marketing is required, possession of an MBA is an added advantage. Leadership and communication skills are highly required. Individuals must have a possibility mindset, able to think and see opportunities in the market. Possess strong digital and social media skills.

Average Salary: 350,000 NGN monthly.

  1. Business Development Manager

Job Description: Make surveys and market research, discover new business opportunities in the market. They generate new leads, discover new areas of investing or improvement, make new customers and partnerships needed for the organization’s growth, suggest new products or services, maintain company-client relationships and relationships with other companies.

Demand and Opportunities: A degree in business administration or any related field is required. Organizational, communication, and interpersonal skills are highly required as well as I.T. and project management skills. They must have the ability to persist and bring projects to completion. There are various opportunities in this field. For example, you could choose to pursue a consultancy career.

Average Salary: 350,000 NGN monthly

  1. Event Manager

Job description: Plans, organizes and executes events such as business events, promotional events, or social events. They bring new event plans and concepts, handle the cost, budgeting, invoicing, and negotiating with vendors, and handling logistics arrangements. He also evaluates past events results, analyses success rates, and makes necessary changes for the next event. 

Demand and Opportunities: A Bachelor’s degree in public relations, hospitality, or any related field. He or she must be highly organized, have a multitasking ability, and good time management.  Possess project management skills and I.T. skills, particularly software management. Should be creative and have good leadership skills.

Average Salary: 350,000 NGN monthly.

  1. Brand Manager

Job description: Oversees all brand-related activities. These include: making research, strategies, and planning, supervising and managing projects, execution, and coordination of all activities related to brand promotion and lead generation. In addition, he or she will help to shape the brand’s public image, discover best ways to attract and retain customers, ultimately improve brand Awareness, achieve and promote the company vision and mission statement.

Demand and Opportunities: minimum of 5 years of experience with a bachelor’s degree in business administration, marketing, sales, or any related field coupled with proven ability to develop brand awareness, strategies, and marketing channels. Excellent written and verbal communication skills, research abilities and up to date trends knowledge, creative mind, and ability to make decisions based on data is paramount

Average Salary: 450,000 NGN monthly. 

  1. Asset Manager

Job description: Manages client assets according to investment purpose and plans. Example of such assets includes stocks and bonds, real estate, commodities, etc.  He has the duties of assessing the asset’s status, needs, risk and progress, goals on behalf of clients. Prepares financial reports and legal documents related to the assets. He regularly interacts with clients on the impact of Market changes on portfolios and gives professional advice and guidance. 

Demand and Opportunities:  A Bachelor’s degree in Finance business administration or any related field is required. Possession of an MBA is added advantage. Ability to measure and manage risk, knowledge of the financial concept, and ability to perform financial analysis such as IRR and ROI.  Must be able to operate Microsoft office suites (Excel spreadsheet and Microsoft word)

Average Salary: 550,000 NGN  monthly.


Now, you can carefully and thoughtfully select your career path from the Top 12 Most Attractive Mid-Level Manager Jobs in Nigeria. Good Luck!

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