15 Exceptional LinkedIn Headlines That Attract Recruiters

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Written by Seun Oyediran

LinkedIn Exceptional Headline

With over half a billion users, LinkedIn is one of the most efficient specialized networking platforms. Basically, it allows users to build strong and valuable connections with key decision-makers in their industry and access exciting job opportunities.

However, not every LinkedIn user gets job offers from recruiters. In fact, one could be on LinkedIn for over a decade without attracting their choice recruiters – or any recruiter for that matter.

While those who get multiple job offers may be seen as “lucky” or in a “high-demand” niche, it is not necessarily. People who attract recruiters and get various offers on LinkedIn know something that many others don’t. But what do they know?

Stick with me as I show you how successful LinkedIn users attract recruiters of their choice and how you do the same.

How to Attract Any Recruiter of Your Choice on LinkedIn

So, how can you attract the recruiters of your choice on LinkedIn? The answer? Well, it all boils down to the first impression they have about you in the split second that they glance at your headline on LinkedIn. It works in the same way a news headline determines whether you read the news or ditch it. 

Now, this points us to something: that people who attract recruiters on LinkedIn are no smarter than you. But they know how to create catchy LinkedIn headlines powerful enough to attract iron filings as a magnet does.

That said, attracting recruiters of your choice starts with your ability to write irresistible, killer headlines on LinkedIn. Much like the news headline, getting noticed and landing interviews on LinkedIn begins with your LinkedIn headline.

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Why So Much Fuss About LinkedIn Headlines?

So, why is your LinkedIn headline so important? The answer is probably already apparent. Your headline on LinkedIn is the first thing that people get to see after your name. Interestingly, many hiring managers view people’s LinkedIn profiles even if they didn’t apply for a position via LinkedIn! 

Your headline on LinkedIn stands as an essential element. And it gives you a pivotal opportunity to make an excellent first impression and entice the reader to want to know more about you. So it’s super important to get it right.

Therefore, you must strive to make a good impression with your headline. Thus, in this article, I’ll show you 15 hard-hitting, irresistible LinkedIn headline examples for job seekers and expound on how to write them.

Features of the Best and Catchy LinkedIn Headlines

Your LinkedIn headline allows you to sell yourself.

The sweet spot for LinkedIn headlines is about 120-characters (with spaces) – about 18 words. So, the trick here is to condense your character, valuable skills, and unique experiences into 18 – 22 words. 

But before we dive deep into the subject at hand, it’s important to highlight some features so that we don’t get lost at sea. Therefore, keep in mind that the best LinkedIn headlines have a few things in common. 

A good LinkedIn headline must:

  1. Show your skills and expertise (what you do)

Include your current or past job titles, especially if they are relevant to the job you’re pursuing now.

  1. Communicate the value you bring to a new employer (why they should employ you)

Include at least one keyword or phrase for the type of job you want.

  1. Demonstrate something unique to make your LinkedIn profile stand out

People find it hard to resist unique information.

With this unique formula, you’ll have a catchy LinkedIn headline that grabs the attention you need. It’s easy.

The LinkedIn Catchy Headline Formula

Here’s a simple technique and necessary focus points to help you write the perfect LinkedIn headline.

  1. Job Title

It would be best if you started your headline by stating your job title. You can choose to communicate your area of expertise or specialization instead. This step drives at what it is that you do. You can put your most recent job title if you’re currently employed. 

  1. Company Name

State the company you work for. This shows that you’re committed to your employer. You should skip this step if you’re currently unemployed. Instead, focus on your unique selling point with the extra character space.

  1. Unique Selling Point

Use this section to stand out by describing what makes you unique. For example, your USP could be your achievements, ability to solve particular problems, years of experience, etc. Here’s an example of a USP in a LinkedIn headline:

‘Saving companies over $5M since 2010

This is a practical example of how you can make your headline stand out just by creatively describing how you can add value to your prospective employer.

  1. Keywords

Make sure your LinkedIn headline has relevant keywords. Using keywords help you to rank in organic search. So, if you want the hiring managers to visit your profile, ensure your headline is keyword optimized. More often than not, the essential keyword is your job title. 

If you’re a project manager with a USP in financial management skills, you can add ‘financial management to your headline. Let’s consider this:

‘Project Manager | DataCom | Delivering 10 M+ Projects for 7+ Years | Financial Management Specialist.’

By inserting “financial management” into the headline, this project manager will rank in a financial management search. 

How Recent Grads and Entry-Level Job Seekers Can Approach their LinkedIn Headlines

If you’re a fresh graduate with no experience in your industry, I’d recommend using this headline formula:

Recent ___ graduate with a focus in ___, ___, and ___.”

LinkedIn headline examples entry-level and for fresh graduates:

“Recent Finance graduate with a focus in financial analysis, reporting, and auditing.”

However, if you’re a recent graduate with some relevant work experience (including internship or part-time work), you should highlight that in your LinkedIn headline. That’s some experience and value that employers will care about.

LinkedIn Headline Examples for Job Seekers

LinkedIn Headline Example 1

  • C.E.O| ESH Enterprise | 50% company growth In 7 years | Built Scalable & Sustainable Organizational-wide processes for 5,000 entrepreneurs.

LinkedIn Headline Example 2

  • Result-driven Sales Development Manager | Help Startups Generate over 50% ROI In 2 Months Without Spending A Dime on Ads.

LinkedIn Headline Example 3

  • Public Relations and Marketing Leader | Strategic Problem Solver |Over 60% ROI in 100+ Marketing Campaign for a Dozen Companies

LinkedIn Headline Example 4

  • Recent Finance Graduate with A Focus in Financial Analysis, Reporting, and Auditing | Proven Competence in Financial Budgeting.

LinkedIn Headline Example 5

  • Executive Assistant | Increased stakeholders retention rate by 52.1% | ability to lead and organize teammates for maximum productivity.

LinkedIn Headline Example 6

  • 17 New Public Accounting Jobs |Review and Edit Resumes| 80% Guarantee of Getting Your Dream Job.

LinkedIn Headline Example 7

  • Helping B2B Sales Executive 10x Pipeline Growth | Generating New Leads | Reach Your Sales Target Within 3 Months.

LinkedIn Headline Example 8

  • Freelance Product Designer | 50+ Satisfied Clients | Expert in Photoshop, Sketch, and Wire Framing | High Converting Product Designs.

LinkedIn Headline Example 9

  • B2B Inside Sales Rep | $ 1.2m Profit Margin In 2019 | Generated Sales with over 32% ROI for 20+ Companies.

LinkedIn Headline Example 10

  • Positioning Businesses at the Apex of Their Industry for 10+ Years | Transformation Specialist and Manager.

LinkedIn Headline Example 11

  • CPM – Certified product manager | 5+ years’ experience in creating value from data | Products used by 5m+ users Worldwide.

LinkedIn Headline Example 12

  • Public Speaker | Co-operate Communication Strategist | Turning Complex Ideas into Simple Concepts using Effective Communication Techniques.

LinkedIn Headline Example 13

  • CRO Specialist | Ex. Company | 14% Conversion Increase in 2019 | Using Data & Analytics to Generate Growth for 10 Years.

LinkedIn Headline Example 14

  • Bestselling Author of the “Passion” Self-Help Book | 8 Million Copies Sold | Former Journalist | Content Marketer

LinkedIn Headline Example 15

Digital Ads manager | 7+ years’ experience | managing 7-figure ads budget for fortune 500 companies | result-oriented (55% ROI in less than 12 months).

Additional Tip: Always take the pain to ensure your LinkedIn profile and headline are consistent with your CV. Remember that recruiters often view LinkedIn profiles immediately after the CV. 

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It’s Time to Write Your Catchy LinkedIn Headline!

Now, it’s time to put this info to use! Plug your information into the LinkedIn headline examples for job seekers above and tweak it. If you follow the LinkedIn headline tips above, you’ll have a headline that gets noticed in job searches and land more jobs.

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