Here is Fastest Way to Land a Job in Nigeria in 2022

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Written by Seun Oyediran

Land a Job in Nigeria

Employers in Nigeria are famous for requiring several years’ experience to get considered for a job. The reality of this requirement makes it hard for new graduates to secure a good job. 

The job search becomes long without the required experience or the right connections to speak for you. 

A couple of additional hindrances account for reasons why searching for a good job can be a frustrating experience. But, regardless of the many setbacks, you can still land a job in Nigeria, and if you are lucky, you can land your dream job as well. Of course, it will require intentionality and hard work.

This article will discuss the common problems job applicants face and the fastest ways to get a good-paying job in Nigeria.


Securing a Job in Nigeria Without Connections and Experience

The fact is only those who have learned the necessary skills and tricks required to land a job in Nigeria will get it. Many graduates are fresh out of the university without a clue on the next step or have not figured out how to ‘properly’ search for jobs.

Regardless, as the famous saying goes, ‘if there is a will, then there is a way.’ Specific steps and guidelines must be followed to even the playground to secure good jobs in a country where jobs are not easily given. 

These steps are:

1.     Start Job Hunting Early

If you want to secure a good job in Nigeria, your first action is to start looking and applying ahead of time. As a final-yearuniversity student, you should already have a list of companies you would like to work with after school and start working on your application before graduation.

Additionally, during the part-time work program, popularly known as Industrial Training (I.T), a mandate in most Nigerian universities, you can apply where you are posted for future consideration in the next year, after school. People who show promise and dedication in their I.T workplace often get called back or promised a position after school.

If you prefer to go through the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) program before job hunting, then make sure to start applying in the final lap of your service year to institutions that can offer you graduate job placements afterward. 

If you don’t fall in the category of new graduates seeking a job, the same rule of job hunting early and with a purpose. It’s best to begin job searching while still having your old job. It puts you in a position of advantage to negotiate your salary comfortably.

2.     Build Your Experience Level

We already mentioned how employers demanding years of experience from graduates is a significant setback. Since this is a problem, why don’t we find a way to beat the system?

The number of years required for some jobs is ridiculous, but employers often look for capability instead of the number of years stated.

You can build your job experience by taking on Internship positions during your summer holidays. While most of them don’t offer any or much pay, the work experience will go a long way for you, giving you an advantage over those without similar experiences. Note that the targeted internships should align with the type of jobs you want after school.

As you apply for jobs, you can take up relevant volunteer and internship positions for those who aren’t new graduates. This helps to add value and experience level to yourself while waiting for the right employer to say yes to your application.

Additionally, you can add value by acquiring professional certificates in addition to your university degree. Various professional courses to boost your values are available online with credentials at the end of the course that can give you an edge over other candidates.

A mass communication graduate with a professional certificate in marketing and another in customer communication will be more prized than the graduate with just a university certificate.

3.     Write an Outstanding CV

Your Curriculum vitae plays a vital role in your quest to secure a job quickly in Nigeria, and the same applies to other parts of the world. 

Your CV could be the perfect key to unlock the door to your dream employment. Therefore, you must write a captivating and professional CV.

A good CV should contain your:

  • Professional Title
  • Personal Profile; 
  • Work experiences;
  • Educational Background;
  • Additional Certifications; and
  • Professional Skills

Your CV is not a storybook where you tell your life’s journey regardless of the years of experience you might have. Instead, It is a selling point as to why a company should consider you amongst all applicants. 

There would be cases where you will have to edit your CV to perfectly suit the company’s requirements. These slight changes here and there to present yourself as the perfect candidate is worth the hassle because you could land the job. 

4.     Search for Jobs Precisely and Accurately

Times have changed from physically going from one office to submitting your CV. 

When looking for a job, networking is essential.

Seek people in the same career field as yourself and form a relationship with them. You never know what may come out of it when an opportunity arises. 

Networking also involves following professionals on social media platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn, where you can receive free tips and career guidance on how to land your dream job.

Another way to search for jobs correctly is by visiting online recruitment boards in Nigeria. A reputable example is Indeed, where the latest jobs openings for different companies get posted daily.

Jobberman’s job search has the feature to be narrowed to your preferred state in Nigeria and your preferred job industry. 

Additionally, you can set customized job alerts to be sent to your emails. So, all you have to do is click on the link in your mail and apply for the position. See the screenshot below to see how to customize your job alerts. 


While job hunting, you must not shy away from career conversations and selling yourself to potential employers. Maximize the use of social media channels as lots of people get discovered from social media.


Unemployment is a serious concern in Nigeria, and sadly, there are no signs of visible improvement. Your best chance as a graduate is to ensure that your CV matches precisely what HR needs to be ahead of other job candidates. Are you struggling with writing your CV? Do you need professional help in crafting a perfect CV that gets you an interview? If you said yes to any of these questions, then here is an opportunity to hire professional CV writers from Reventify. We have mastered the art of creating high-quality ATS-compliance resumes and CVs. Get in touch with us today to see how we can fast-track your desire to land a high-paying job. 

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