The Hard Truth About Paying for CV Rewriting Services

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Written by Seun Oyediran

The Hard Truth About Paying for CV Rewriting Services

Should you pay for CV rewriting services? Many people are still undecided about whether to pay for CV rewriting services or to rewrite their CV themselves. Depending on where you are in the world; the cost of hiring a professional CV writer could be quite steep. The average cost for a CV writing service in America after reviewing 90 companies is $527. This mentioned cost is dependent on the various packages and target customer profile, which could range from young professionals to those in C-Suite. In Nigeria, the average cost of the top 20 well-known CV writers is N12,000. 

Depending on the type of job you’re seeking, paying such an amount could be seen as more of an investment in your future. Nonetheless, you should keep in mind the quality of service rather than cost and more importantly, if this is a service worth outsourcing or you can do the job yourself. Therefore, if you’re considering paying to get your CV re-written, then here’s the hard truth about settling for CV rewriting services.

As you may already know, your CV is your primary representative wherever you send it. Your CV gives your potential employers the needed details to help them decide if you’re worth a position in their organization. Therefore, you have to ensure that your CV is a useful messenger, spreading the gospel of how perfect you are for the job. 

Why You Must Get Your CV Right

It is essential to get your CV right for many reasons. Recruiters don’t have the luxury of time when going through the CVs of applicants. This is because, more often than not, they have many people applying for a particular job or position in their company. It may shock you to know that a recruiter may spend just about 7 seconds on your CV before deciding to read on or move on.

Recruiters for most highly paid jobs don’t have the time to check through the hundreds of thousands of CVs that lands on their table. The advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning helps recruiters to reduce the number of CVs they have to review. This is done through the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) software. 

Why You May Require a Professional to Rewrite Your CV

When an inexperienced person helps you to write your CV or when you do it yourself, you may miss out on some crucial things. There are a number of things you can do to your CV to make it grab any recruiter’s attention. So, whether you’re creating a new CV or want to rewrite it to suit a job, it could be unbelievably demanding and stressful. You may spend weeks trying to craft a “perfect” CV, and still come up with something half-done. That’s why you may need to hire a professional CV writer to help you write the perfect CV! 

The Hard Truth About Paying for CV Rewriting Services

There are some upsides and downsides of paying for CV rewriting services Without further ado, here are some hard truths you need to know before paying a professional CV writer. 

  1. Communicate Your Unique Selling Point (USP)

Your Unique Selling Point (USP) helps to inform your hiring managers about how you are better than your competitors. Many people don’t know what their USP is, and neither do they know how to communicate it. CV rewriting services, however, can help you to highlight your USP and make it evident to recruiters at a glance. It is vital to have a distinct and outstanding CV, as this is the key element in CV writing. This is one of the greatest benefits you can get from hiring a CV rewriting agency. They can give your CV the Midas touch! In almost all cases your career summary/objective and work experience sections are where you can truly show your value to a prospective employer. If you are a young professional, looking for jobs in multiple sectors across different roles, your USP is something you’ll need to constantly re-do for each CV you submit.

  1. Put the Appropriate Keywords for ATS Optimization

As earlier mentioned, most recruiters now make use of the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to parse applications, CV or resumes with ease. All employers have to do is input whatever information they need into the ATS software. Therefore, any CV that is not written in the right format, structure or doesn’t contain a few of the job description keywords would not pass the ATS and you might as well kiss the job goodbye. Another wasted effort. This is a major reason why many qualified candidates get passed over. With a CV rewriting service to your rescue, you can have a CV that has all the appropriate keywords, format, and style. Therefore, before paying for a CV rewriting service, make sure you’ve narrowed down the type of jobs you plan to apply for, so the CV rewriter can come up with a strategy for the number of CV’s you need and how to go about creating it keeping in mind that the CVs could go through an ATS scanner.

  1. Avoid Wasted Career Opportunities

To avoid the risk of missing out on high-paying jobs and career opportunities, you must be willing to pay for the services of those who can increase the chances of you getting the job. Whilst this can be a very expensive process, it could be worth it if you have the budget and are looking for only jobs that are extremely competitive and high paying. The competition out there is real, and most people can do almost anything to get themselves the same position you want. If you don’t have the budget for a CV rewriting service, you need not panic. We created Reventify for this same reason. Our advanced CV builder with AI and Machine Learning capabilities helps you create a CV specifically tailored to the jobs you’re applying for. Now, that brings me to my next point

  1. Improve Readability and Flow

Most times, most applicants submit CVs that have very intricate designs that hamper the flow. This makes it almost impossible for recruiters to review it in a few seconds. Too complex CVs as well as too simple CVs, make a CV lose structure and readability. CV rewriting services know all about the best font type, font size, spacing, etc. CV rewriting services also make use of different tools and apps to check CVs for grammar mistakes, spelling errors, and the likes. You can save yourself a lot of stress by using CV rewriting services or invest 15mins of your time and save more than half of the money by using the Reventify app.

  1. Write an Excellent Profile Summary

Your profile summary is one of the earliest chances you have to get a recruiter hooked to your CV. It is an ample space to tell your recruiter that you’re the best fit for the job. This space helps you to communicate your interpersonal skills and other catchy details about you. There are some things you should never include in this section. You may not know it, but the professional service you hire would. Get a CV rewriting service to help you write the information that hiring managers want to see!

  1. Keep Your CV Updated to The Latest Recruiter Demands

You’ll most likely be caught up in doing one or two things and may be unable to follow the latest trends in preparing a CV. But what else would a CV rewriting service focus on apart from following the latest trends? Think about it; even the internet may not have all the answers by the time you surf on it to edit your CV. Hiring professionals to rewrite your CV is, therefore, your best and safest bet when it comes to remaining up to date with the latest trends in hiring! 

  1. Produce Editable CVs

Most people are often disturbed by the fact that they may not be able to edit their CVs if they source the writing out to a professional CV rewriting service. This, however, is untrue. Your CV is not cast in stone! While it may be in your best interest to accept the advice and expertise of a professional writer, it’s your CV after all. You still have the opportunity to tweak it as you please!


So, is paying for a CV rewriting service worth it? Depending on where you are in your career, it could be a worthwhile service. It is obviously cheaper to pay for a CV rewriting service and land yourself a job within a short period than to keep submitting job application after application if you don’t have access to the right tools or don’t know where to start from. 

Nonetheless, most professionals that get the best out of a CV rewriting service tend to be those that are career specific, e.g. looking to make a switch as a petroleum engineer in an energy company to a competing firm. In this particular case, it is worth it to have a CV rewriter. The job is high paying and quite specific. This type of individual doesn’t need multiple CVs. The same goes for very senior professionals that are looking at management or executive roles. However, if you’re more open to different industries and job roles, and want to showcase the transferability of your skills to prospective employers, you likely need multiple CVs, and paying a professional could be quite expensive especially, when tools such as that of the CV Builder from Reventify provides a much cheaper alternative with similar results. At the end of the day, the decision is yours based on your current circumstances and career objectives. 

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